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One-man tent buying guide

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A single – male tent functions nicely for individuals who are camping solo and who do not wish to have an excessive amount of gear with them.

A single – male tent is able to present you with shelter from an area along with the components to sleep for the evening, whether you’re camping at a campground or perhaps on a mountain. It must additionally be sufficiently small and light-weight adequate to not take up a lot of room in your rucksack once you have packed it up.

How can you begin selecting the perfect tent to your requirements out of the countless choices available? When you are searching for an individual individual tent, apply our handy manual to figure out what you need.

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Designs for one man tents

A lot of people picture a tent in the traditional A frame design (i.e. the tent is formed out of the front side such as a letter A). Contemporary one – man tents are available in a multitude of styles and designs, including :

These tents, as the title suggests, just pop up. This will make them ideal for all those that do not understand how to pitch a tent before hand or even who just wish to have an easy and quick time doing this. The frame automatically springs up when it’s unleashed, with the poles now assembled and also introduced into the tent cloth. Take them down once again requires a small amount of effort.

A dome tent has versatile poles that cross the center of the ends and also the tent are then fixed to develop a dome shape in the starting. Dome tents are not hard to pitch and also have a lot of room inside, which makes them popular.

The title of a tunnel tent, like the Vango Soul hundred, originates from the manner the poles curve in the path of the tunnel instead of crossing over one another. An effective tunnel tent normally has plenty of level to accommodate an adult and contains an excellent weight – to – excess weight ratio.
Geodesic :

Geodesic tents have two or maybe more poles that many times cross one another. This will make them perfect to be used on mountains and in various other exposed areas, since they’ve a really sound structure which withstands extreme conditions.
What exactly are the primary key characteristics of a one – male tent?

No matter which form of tent you plan to buy, you will find a couple of things which you have to consider :
Flysheets :

The flysheet is definitely the tent’s outside skin, which can serve as a barrier between you as well as the elements. Your flysheet must be water-resistant, lightweight and durable, and in case feasible, coated with polyurethane (PU).
The internal tent is a tent.

This particular area is definitely the tent’s primary living area and sleeping spot, and it’s created to supply you with comfort throughout the night. Your internal tent must be made from a lightweight and very breathable fabric and can have a blend of solid mesh and fabric for ventilation.

You are going to need a groundsheet to guard your tent from the chilly ground, as well as yet another one for when it rains. Many tents have got a groundsheet sewn into them and this also really helps to stop drinking water from being through and creepy crawlies are able to enter through the seams.

Since the poles would be the framework of the tent, it’s crucial they be strong and lightweight. A top power – to – industry ratio makes aluminium poles trendy for tents. The majority of the poles could be folded and stored utilizing an elastic cord which can hold them together.
You likewise have to think about the excess weight and dimensions of your tent in case you’re camping in a one male tent.

Other key elements to think about when purchasing a one – male tent are just how much space you’ve for sleeping when it is pitched and just how much space your rucksack has when it is packed away. When purchasing a tent, look at the following:
Sizes of the interior

In case you reside in a one – male tent, then you’re most likely planning to spend much of your time inside, cooped up together with the unpredictable British weather. Which means you would like to be sure that there is plenty of room interior for you be as comfy as is possible. Before purchasing a tent, it’s ideal to test it out prior to purchasing it.

Anytime you go hiking, or maybe backpacking, it’s essential to save pounds. Due to this, one – male tents are made to be little. Nevertheless, when purchasing a tent, you need to consider whether it is going to be compact and light enough when combined with all of your other camping equipment.
Loaded size

You should additionally consider just how much space your tent is going to take up with your rucksack, along with the amount of weight it’ll weigh. One-man tents generally feature compression stuff sacks, which can be terrific for keeping the tent in a single location and for packing it right down to its smallest feasible size.

We hope that our one man tent buying guide makes the process of purchasing a tent a bit easier. In case you want any additional suggestions about outdoor tasks, Winfield’s outdoor pros are here to help you.