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No-Mess Ways to use Glitter

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Glitter is among the ingredients we love to add to add a bit of sparkle and excitement to our cosmetics. It is a great ingredient to use in creams and lotions to add a touch of sparkle, or to lipsticks for more sparkle, or even directly on the skin to create stunning and striking makeup effects. If you are shopping at craft stores or on the internet you may be enticed to buy a fresh glitter type, size, or color. However, cosmetic glitter and glitter for craft are not exactly identical. Craft glitter used for your hair or skin could be very risky.

Craft Glitter

Craft glitter for painting is available in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors. It’s typically made from materials that can “hold” themselves to create projects, and it’s colored using various dyes. This makes using craft-glitter in cosmetics a tempting option. There may be a form or color that’s truly unique and stunning however, if you choose to employ craft glitter in your cosmetics, you could get a sour surprise. Craft glitter is created and developed for use in the making of crafts, but the materials that are used to create it are not accepted from the FDA. You could not only be getting in trouble with the FDA and the FDA, but you may be able to find that the substances that are used can cause irritation to the skin or the color may be absorbed into the skin. And, even more importantly, you could cause skin damage cutting with a form that cuts the skin, or the substance used to make the glitter could include metal shavings. Consider rubbing metal shavings onto your skin. This is why it’s crucial to stay away from glitter for cosmetic use.

Cosmetic Glitter

Although the FDA hasn’t formally approved “glitter” as cosmetic ingredients but it does regulate and approve colors and other materials which can be employed in cosmetics. This includes the color as well as the materials used in cosmetic glitter. Cosmetic glitter is made of plastics that won’t cut the skin. It is also dyed using FDA approved colorants that do not leak onto skin. The cosmetic glitter is also created in shapes that do not have sharp edges that can damage the skin, or eyes, should it be placed on the eye region. However, it is recommended to exercise the greatest care when applying anything on the eyes.

Check out this recipe for a delicious and simple to make Glitter Stick!

Glitter Stick

Make your own sparkle using this simple to make and enjoyable to make Glitter Stick. It’s great for adding a bit of sparkle or lots! You can add more or less glitter it’s your choice! The recipe below provides an amount of shimmer that is moderate, so you are you are free to alter the amount it as you’d like.

Equipment You’ll Be Needing

Mixing bowl


Melt the vegan lip balm until completely liquid. It should be around 160F.
Mix in Glitter (and the color, if you want)
Cool to 135F-140F.
Continue to stir while pouring off into lipstick tubes. The stirring allows the glitter to be suspended within the base of the Vegan Lip Balm.

It is important to note that this recipe hasn’t been tested in a test of efficiency in preservation. If you decide to use this recipe for sales in a market it is up to you to make sure that the product is safe. product.