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I Tried Cat Poop Coffee. Here’s Why You Should Too

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I experimented with it. I experimented with the cat poop coffees.

Was it strange to create a cup of espresso making use of beans I knew had gone from the digestion system of a cat? Unquestionably.

Was it well worth it? Hell yeah.

I tried Pure Kopi Luwak coffee… and I believe you must also.

What’s Kopi Luwak Coffee?

Kopi luwak coffee beans are consumed by Asian Palm Civet Cats (while they are within the espresso cherry). During digestion, the substance makeup of the beans change to develop a distinctive taste experience.

Pure Kopi Luwak, airers4you whose beans I tried, associates with espresso farmers that walk the farm of theirs and gather the coffee beans from the cat droppings after a while. They are then dehydrated and roasted, like any other coffee beans.

This no cage, alternative process enables the civet cats to consume at the own rate of theirs and also keeps them from captivity.

(Some less-than-ethical companies force feed civet cats for higher yield)

Nevertheless, this slow, organic process usually means the Kopi Luwak espresso beans are expensive – $150 per container, expensive (no, really). That could sound crazy – and it’s a lot – but it is likewise simply supply and demand.

Everybody wants to taste this unusual coffee. But there is not much going around.
Great News: Kopi Luwak Coffee Has Extra Health Benefits

Coffee has already been really healthy – so long as you are drinking it black! But since Kopi Luwak experiences an additional chemical process, you will find additional advantages.

Here is what Pure Kopi Luwak says:

Grab Smarter
Pure’s sky high ph levels of inositol strengthen neural connections and boost the central nervous system of yours.

Live Longer
Pure combats kidney stones, defends against osteoporosis, and also boosts iron absorption, assisting you to remain live and stronger longer.

Really feel Better
Pure improves your cells’ mitochondria straight, providing you with a durable power increase without the caffeine crash.

Tasty Flavor
Pure is obviously sweet, wealthy, and creamy, which means you can say no to sugar and milk.

0 Pesticides
That is the reason we telephone call it Pure – every one of the beans of ours is pesticide-free and shade-grown.

Hundred % Wild Sustainability is the main priority of ours, therefore we collect every one of the beans of ours from the droppings of vivid civets.

I Tasted Cat Poo Coffee. Here is The way it Went

I experimented with the coffee with 4 family members – virtually all coffee snobs. We brewed up a Hario V60 and gave it a taste.

In the beginning, we tasted a sleek dark chocolate and earthy base taste, paired with a light sweetness. It was extremely much like many other Southeast Asian coffee’s we have experimented with (Thailand, Laos) – mild and pleasant.

However something wonderful happened.

As the espresso cooled, we started tasting an unmistakable minty, coriander coolness. It was not really love sucking on a peppermint candy, although feeling was there.

It lingered, also. I can still believe that gentle minty freshness on the tongue of mine for an hour after I completed the cup.

It was unlike any espresso I have ever tasted.