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Considerations When Buying Fireworks

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There are various types of fireworks as well as products are suitable for your back garden light show, including aerials, ground fireworks themed fireworks, as well as boxes of fireworks. The type you choose depends on who you want to impress and what kind of show you want to put on! Let’s look at some of the different types of fireworks you can purchase in 2022!

Aerial Fireworks

These types of fireworks are huge and vibrant fireworks that shoot effects from the mortar tube in the sky, or are bonded through a number of mortar tubes.

Finale Racks

Finale Racks are aerial fireworks that can have various mortar tubes inside. Typically, there are nine shots and each one of them varies in appearance and color. They are believed to be the most impressive part of the show since they are the biggest and most powerful fireworks that end the show with a bang. They’ll show a vast array of effects and colors to leave your neighbors impressed.

500 Gram Repeaters

Sometimes referred to cakes, they are pre-loaded into tubes. They are also the biggest aerial fireworks with multiple shots available in the UK. They can be huge and loud based on the dimensions of the mortars within each tunnel. The five hundred grams repeaters make it easy for users to use because there’s a single fuse that is connected to all of the dynamite tubes!

200 Gram Repeaters

Multi-shot aerial fireworks come packed into tubes. They weigh less than 500 grams repeaters but are unparalleled with spectacular lighting shows available.

Mortar Kits

Make sure the launch tubes are secured to the foundation in order to ensure that the tube is level on the deck. Buyers have to load the tubes using the shells separately. When they are ignited on the floor, they are stunning in color and possess mesmerising effects.

Rockets & Missiles

Rockets and missiles are either attached to fin tubes or sticks that produce various effects including whistles crackles, bangs and stars. Customers can place their rockets or missiles in the ground , or on platforms, and light the fuse individually. Good fact: rockets are among the most common and one of the oldest forms of fireworks.

Aerial Spinners

The spinners of this kind are lit on smooth, hard surfaces. When they are lit they spin at a speed fast enough to fly through the air and release an explosion of bright flashes under.

Roman Candles

These are tubes usually made from cardboard, that shoots out comets stars and other effects. They’re ejecting several exploding shells with amazing colours. They may also be massive in size for better results.

Parachute Fireworks

Parachute fireworks have simple tubes with one or more weighted shells . They also have an army man toy tethered to a parachute , which allows them to float to the ground. Parachutes that are equipped with lights can be used during the day, and other parachutes are night time. Parachutes designed for daytime use will have a smoke trail, and parachutes at night will feature a strobe effect.

What is Ground-Based Fireworks?

Ground-based fireworks are also referred to as non-aerial fireworks. Here are some types of ground-based firework that you can expect to find in your local shop for fireworks and our store online.


Fountains are among the most popular non-aerial fireworks. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They don’t shoot into the air and usually don’t generate loud noises as aerial fireworks. If the fuse is ignited then the fountains release an explosion of sparks and can trigger whistling or crackling sounds. Most of them last longer and various components produce different colours and effects.

Smoke balls

Smoke balls are colored by a fuse from the tip. Once lit they emit the same colour as the ball and is contained within.


They must be lit separately and are tiny in size, but they generate high-pitched sounds. Firecrackers are also available as blocks. Blocks are packets of firecrackers welded together.

They’ll explode within a matter of minutes when you light the package. The final method to connect fireworks together is to use a strip. Firecrackers are connected by the fuse connecting them. The fireworks go off in a sequence after they’ve been lit Fun fact: fireworks are thought as the oldest type of fireworks to be produced.

Jumping Jacks

The Jumping Jacks are similar to fireworks, however when they are ignited, they leap out of the ground. Each of them jumps at a high speed, makes a sound, and emit colors.

Ground spinners

Ground spinners are products which when illuminated, move around the ground and produce flashes. They also change colours and release a substantial amount of light as they swirl around.


Wheels are often in a round shape card or a plastic disc. On the disc is a variety of rockets, like thrusters, which cause the disc to spin around and produce sparks or flames when ignited.

Novelty Fireworks


Sparklers are wires with the pyrotechnics that can be inserted into the ground or held by hand. They vary in size, and some of them can be placed on top of cakes for birthdays. The Sparklers are considered the hallmark of the fourth of July.

Party poppers

Party poppers vary in size however, they are typically used to celebrate events. Once you have pulled the cord of the party popper they will make a loud pop sound and release confetti to the air.


The lanterns resemble little hot air balloons, and when they are lit, the flame makes the lantern appear to float up in the heavens. Most of the time, lanterns are used in events all over the world.

If you’re aware of the various types of fireworks available You can be certain that you’re going to make an impression on your family, your neighbours as well as your neighbor across the street. If you’d like to have a an aerial mix as well as land-based fireworks there’s a myriad of kinds that are available. They include the best selling fireworks in the box.