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About Six Nations Rugby

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Rugby 6 Nations will be the recognized organising entire body of the annual 6 Nations Championships and also the Autumn International Series.

In cooperation with their member unions as well as federations in England (RFU, France (FFR), Ireland (IRFU), Scotland (SRU) and Wales (WRU), 6 Nations Rugby is liable for the promotion and functioning of the famous 6 Nations Championships and Autumn

The 6 Nations Championship may be the oldest international rugby tournament of the planet, dating to its authentic 1883 form and growing in 2000 to its present format of 6 teams. It is composed of 3 very competitive annual competitions, across male’s, female’s and also U20 – Rugby.

6 Nations Rugby is governed by the core values of courage, inclusion, solidarity, ingenuity and integrity in its morning – to – day operations. Six Nations Rugby, along with its federations and unions, is dedicated to the improvement of rugby at all levels along with working with representative bodies and some other governing across the earth to make certain the ideal long term for the game, its players as well as its fans.

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The 6 Nations Championship is contested by the overseas teams of Wales and Scotland, Ireland, France, England, and Italy one time a season.

Each and every team plays the other 5 times a season with home benefit in the alternate seasons, providing a total of fifteen games a championship.

The tournament typically happens in February and concludes in the conclusion of March, with the majority of the holidays in the three and 5 days.

The dinner table, match points and bonus points :

According to the outcome of every result, the following match points are awarded :

The union which wins the match is going to be awarded 4 match points or maybe 5 match points (in case it achieves 4 tries or more throughout the match).
The union which will lose the fight won’t be given match points or even (in case it scores 4 tries or higher in the task or even will lose by a margin of 7 points or even less) one match point, and (in case it scores 4 tries or perhaps much more in the task and also will lose by a margin of 7 points
Unions which bring a match will each be given 2 fit points, and any of them which achieve 4 tries or even more, will get an additional 1 match point.
A union that wins virtually all 5 of its matches (a ” Grand Slam “) is given 3 more match points.

The championship positions wish as follows :

The union with the greatest number of match points is placed first and also the various other unions is placed based on the match points given in descending order.

In case 2 or over unions finish the tournament with the exact same amount of match points, they’ll be positioned in most matches based on the big difference between the overall points scored as well as the overall points conceded on the playing areas.

In case such unions have exactly the same points difference, they’ll be positioned in most matches based on the quantity of tries (which includes penalty tries) scored by every union.

In case such unions have scored the exact same amount of tries (which includes penalty tries), they’ll be positioned just as.

Trophies and awards :

Following trophies and awards is presented :

The Guinness 6 Nations Championship Trophy as well as Medals on the Winning Union

If the winning union defeats all 5 several other unions, it gets the name Grand Slam Winner”.

The triple crown is awarded in case among the 4 residence unions (England, Ireland, Scotland or maybe Wales) defeats the other 3.

After every fixture, a Guinness male of the match is provided to the nominated Guinness of the fight.

At the conclusion of every Guinness 6 Nations season, the Guinness participant of the championship is given to the selected player.