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Why Use An Explainer Video In Your Marketing

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People searching for information about goods and services only have one goal in mind: to find solutions to their problems. The internet is now the most trusted resource, and it’s the point of contact between potential clients and companies.
What do people use to find information on a product or service via the internet?

They search for video representations of these products and services. Video is now the dominant player on the internet. By 2020, 82% will be video.

CISCO forecasted that video downloads would consume 90% of bandwidth by 2020, compared to 50% currently.
Use the Stats to Your Advantage

Do not make video-based campaigns your top priority. If it persists for another year, this will be a grave mistake.

There may be a variety of media that has worked well for your company in past. You might wonder why you would want to add video explanation marketing to all of that.

There are 8 reasons why explainer videos can benefit your business over the long-term. You don’t want your marketing strategy to be last on the track.
The Basics

No matter what industry you are in, or how small or large your company may be. Your company should be able to distinguish which marketing strategy is best for your market segment.

To help you understand, I tried to reduce the scope of my objectives. These are the three most important points I came up with.

A. Which type of product/services does your company offer?

Your company may be involved in the development of apps, software, niche products, or other innovative services. You will most likely need to convert your content into visual formats.


You want to save time, efficiently execute, and educate your customers about your products and services.

B. B. Does your company have social media or websites?

If you answered yes, you are in luck. Google loves video content. This means that you will get a boost in rank on Google pages if you embed an explainer and any other promotional ads.

C. Are You a Target Audience Expert?

These days, people don’t bother to read newspapers anymore. People born after 1990 are especially affected. Instead, they use the internet to find the information they are looking for. What does this all mean? This means that the information must be digitalized.
An Explainer Video is a must-have for your company.

An explainer video production company will create a complete package that includes still images, animated graphics, moving text and animation. It strengthens your business.

Brand Awareness
Online presence
Establish a stronger brand connection and show your company personality
Social media engagement

Explainer videos attract larger audiences. They can also explain and simplify your products or service, as well as maintain your customer relationship. An explanation video can also diversify your promotional channels.

How an Explainer Video can be used to rescue you?

Here are 8 reasons.

An explainer video can be a great way to help potential buyers, without them having to read too much text. These are just 8 reasons to convert your content to its visual format.

Visual interaction (presentation)

Explainer videos are visually appealing and can be used as visual aids to attract your customers’ attention. They have been proven to be 43% more persuasive than other marketing tools on the market.

2. Retain viewer attention

A combination of verbal and visual cues can help people retain more information by up to half. Explainer videos can keep viewers’ attention for up to 70% of the video’s duration.

3. Select Items

Allow people to contact you. If given the option, I guarantee they will choose a visual channel to communicate with you.

Many of us use visual explanations for convenience. Many of us are visual learners.

4. Videos have the highest return on investment

Video is a great long-term investment. Video out of all the tools you have to help with your marketing strategy has been shown to be the most cost effective.

5. Conversion Rate

70% of people search for information about a product/service on Google. You can make your pitch for your product or service convincingly within 24 hours. This will increase the likelihood of them purchasing it.

6. You can extend the duration

On average, your potential customers spend 10-20 seconds on your website or social media. Your first 20-30 seconds is crucial for pitching your product or service. They will most likely leave your website or social media pages if they don’t have a reason to.

However, you can extend the length of an explainer video embedded on your social media sites or websites from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.

7. Mutuality

Video is easy to share. Video can be used to build bridges and connect you with your customers in the same way.

8. SEO friendly

Google engine loves video content. Google uses this information to calculate the time consumers spend on each visit to your social media sites or social media channels.

An explainer video that is embedded on your website or social media could increase the time your customer spends on your website or social media. This sends a positive message to search engines and helps your content appear higher in searches. It also makes you 53 times more likely first on Google rankings.