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Should I DIY Or Use A Professional For Translation?

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If your company is planning to expand into international markets it is probable that you’ll require translation services as a part of the expansion. Many businesses believe that they could use employees, a colleague or a family member who is proficient in the language to fill this job, however this could be an expensive mistake. Even if you are fluent in two languages does not mean you are an expert translator.

It is even more dangerous to depend entirely on Google Translate to translate your instructions manuals, marketing materials or legal agreements. The translation apps can be useful for ordering food at a restaurant or registering at the hotel, but they are not a substitute for an actual human translator for anything more difficult.

Translating is a specialized field which requires much more than just fluency in a different language. The consequences of not employing an expert can harm your reputation as well as your brand. The meanings of words may be changed accidentally or key words misrepresented and the precision can be lost in a matter of minutes, your expansion plan could be in danger.

Here are five reasons why hiring a professional translator is well worth the cost.

1. Quality

When you’re expanding into new markets or launching a brand new product, it’s vital to make a great impression and convey your company’s values and messages effectively. The people at a professional UK translation agency aren’t just skilled linguists, but they also have the ability to present your documents in a timely manner and in a consistent manner and within the deadlines you set.

2. Industry- or Subject-specific expertise

Many translators specialize in specific industries which allows them to have a better knowledge of the technical language employed. Therefore, whether your industry involves chemical engineering or food and beverage, pharmaceuticals or fashion, you’ll be able find one who’s an authority in their field.

3. Culturally appropriate

Professional translators do not just get immersed in the language, but also the culture of a nation. Inexperience with the cultural norms could lead to costly and embarrassing errors A professional translator will take into account local laws, regulations and social customs, making sure that your work is authentic to the local population.

4. Accuracy

The translators they work with are great writers. They can provide precise punctuation, grammar, spelling and will make sure that any technical terms are accurately portrayed.

5. Consistency

A professional translator can ensure consistency across the text(s). The majority of translators use software for translation to aid in this, particularly when working with large texts. This is crucial if messages or information is being created in various formats, as it helps ensure brand consistency.

The industry of translation and interpreting is not subject to regulation. This is why it is crucial to choose freelancers or language service companies that are members of an established professional organization.