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Powerful Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

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Video content is the king of the internet in an age where YouTube, Livestreams Instagram Stories, webinars and more are all available.
It is clear, too, that more and more content marketers recognize the compelling benefits of including video in their digital marketing strategies.

Video content marketing can help you gain an edge over your competitors by allowing you to promote a product, service, or increase customer engagement.

This is the key. When done right.

With so many content options, it is important to optimize your content. Your content should be able to reach customers and get their attention. Video marketing is a powerful tool for promoting a business’s image, sales, and conversions.

Poor video marketing strategies can lead to business failure. Consumers may perceive your brand as unreliable and/or a nuisance, which can cause them to quickly switch to other brands.

Video production is a daunting task for agencies. We also know that video marketing can have many benefits.

This is why we have compiled the most beneficial benefits of using video content to your marketing strategy. You’ll find key insights about the many ways that video content can benefit businesses, including audience insights and key statistics.

Do you see a benefit that you would like to take advantage of? Click here to learn more. If you don’t know what video content marketing can do for your business, then get ready to dive into the details.

Let’s now get to the point. Video content is essential for your business.

Reason #1 – Consumers and Video Content

If video marketing doesn’t convince you, this statistic might change your mind. Video content makes up 11% of all content on Facebook. It also receives 8 Billion views each day. This is before we even consider Facebook Live or its Story features.

Recent case studies showed that YouTube was not only the second largest search engine after Google, but also that Youtube is the second most viewed website in the world, with 1 billion hours of video content viewed daily.

Video is a universally loved medium. They are accessible, educational, and entertaining. Video marketing offers many benefits. Consider the large number of people who are eager to learn about your products and services.

Marketers can expect to lose out on huge audiences if they don’t use video marketing services. This could result in a loss of potential profits.

#2 – Video Content May Increase Conversion Rates

Yes, that’s right. Recent research shows that video on product pages can increase sales by up to 144%.

An explanation video is a great way of using video content on your product or service landing pages. An ‘explainer video’ is a way for customers to see a short video and learn about the product or service. It can be either eye-catching, entertaining, or informative.

It’s important to keep an eye on this. Video content is always changing. You should consider product reviews and a product video, which is a live demonstration of your product or services.

Customers find this content engaging, and by including it on product pages and service pages you can drive more conversions than you might think.

#3 – Video can help build relationships between customers and brands

We all know that people love watching videos. This is why video content can drive sales.

Content that is well-tailored can help drive engagement and communication between your audience and your brand. This will give your brand credibility, trust, honesty, and a feeling of connection with customers.

Marketing professionals should take into account external reviews.

You can not only project honesty and build trust with your viewers by collaborating with popular influencers to review your product or services, but you also spread information about your company through influentialrs.

Reason #4 – Google Loves Optimised Video Content

Video is a key component in many marketing campaigns and an excellent tool to deliver information. However, another great benefit for marketers revolves around the ranking of your search engine result page.

Video’s with great thumbnails, catchy titles, and quality content can drive a lot of organic traffic, which will increase your rank and help you gain views.

Youtube lets you include links to key parts of your site, such as landing pages. This allows external consumers to find you and drives organic growth (which search engines love).

The key is balance.

Too many links or CTA’s can make the consumer feel like they are being harassed. These videos are common. Videos like this can quickly become ineffective and annoying, and viewers may not consider you again.

Reason #5 – Move in before Your Competition

92% believe video content is important in their digital marketing strategy. This percentage has risen from 78% to 92% in 2015 and is expected to continue growing.

There is nothing worse than creating a video that is flawless and follows all best practices. Then, it becomes bloated by all the videos already out.

This is why it’s so important to be fast and distinguish yourself from others, creating an identifiable identity.

However, it is important to avoid making video after video of poor content. It’s better to have less high-quality content and get fewer views than a bunch of low-quality videos.

Strategy is key to creating video content. Quality content will help increase your visibility and help you be recognized as a trustworthy source before viewers look for alternatives. To learn more, contact us for a friendly conversation.