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How can broadcast PR help your business?

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If you are looking to expand the scope of your company or raising your professional standing, broadcast PR is a vital part of your marketing mix and crucial to any growth plan that is successful.

So, what exactly is broadcast PR, and how can it really assist your business? In this article we go into the nuts and bolts of broadcast PR, including details you need to know about this discipline of marketing that is the most widely used PR services provided by experts in the field, as well as the benefits and challenges that are associated with this type of strategy of public relations.

Broadcast PR is a form of media relations specifically dedicated to securing media coverage on radio and TV, whether that’s through the promotion of a campaign, brand and/or product or representative. The goal of this coverage is to enhance the visibility for your brand as well as increase awareness of your brand and creating more sales.

Broadcast PR and other services

It’s easy to think of broadcast PR as being the same as other marketing disciplines where the process boils down to creating a target media listing, pitching and then securing coverage. But the reality is more complex. Not only is the method of securing a valuable broadcast coverage a highly skilled endeavor however, there are several other aspects of how broadcast PR must be approached.

Research and knowledge will ensure that you’re informed about the latest trends in broadcasting, making sure your content is informative and relevant. The broadcast PR strategy could include influencer sourcing in order to find a prominent spokesperson of your brand, or maybe video production, to create visually striking material that will attract the attention of broadcast journalists. Other factors to consider include media training, which will ensure that your spokesperson is prepared for interviews in radio or on television, and maybe even creating podcasts to be an appealing method of informing and entertaining listeners. In the end there are numerous aspects to consider when building an overall broadcast PR strategy.

This is an area where a specialist broadcast agency can be useful. The professionals within these agencies have the necessary contacts and long-term relationships to begin conversations with broadcast journalists, and the knowledge of broadcasting trends to provide meaningful and distinctive coverage. From remote radio days to television media tours A specialist broadcast agency can provide brands with unique PR opportunities as well as assist them in reaching the right audiences.

The benefits of broadcasting PR

One of the primary benefits of broadcast PR is its wealth of benefits. Because of their nature, broadcasters are able to reach a broad audience! Radio and TV both have an audience of thousands, if not millions, of people. While the number of print publications has dropped in recent years people have continued to consume broadcast media, this year has seen more people than ever before consuming broadcast media as a result from the pandemic coronavirus.

While it is able to reach an enormous audience broadcasting can be targeted and pertinent. For instance, if trying to reach political key decision makers, you might submit your story to BBC Radio’s “Today” programme. For instance, if looking to connect with a broad ‘lifestyle’ viewers, you could contact ITV’s This Morning.

Broadcast PR is also an excellent way to bring your company, brand or project to life. Audiences tend to be much more receptive to audiovisual content than written content, especially when it’s given by someone they trust. These types of media offer an engaging and relatable experience, connecting a human connection (via case studies or a spokesperson) with compelling sounds and imagery.

You might be shocked to find out that broadcast PR also tends to be an extremely cost-effective choice. As compared to marketing channels like traditional advertising, broadcast PR offers valuable and distinct opportunities, and is the most effective way to reach both a huge variety of people and a highly specific group of people.

The issues of broadcast PR

pitching to journalists for broadcast requires particular expertise and knowledge. Without knowing how to pitch your pitch properly – including all the details in detail, and getting key facts (such as speaking for) right – you might end up making bad impressions and possibly burning bridges in the future. Find that news hook, negotiated confidently with the journalist, igniting their imagination and completed every step to gain the coverage you want.

Another issue that is commonplace is the planning and logistics involved in hosting a broadcast team. For example, they may need to park the satellite van to provide broadcasting, or locate an area that is quiet and well-insulated to record radio coverage. It is essential to ensure these considerations regarding logistics are thought through prior to the event, and then attended at the time of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The biggest challenge maybe, is that broadcast journalists tend to plan for the next for 24 to 48 hours. This is an inefficiency which you’ll need to compensate forby making sure that everything is lined up and ready for the window of opportunity. Broadcasters can be extremely demanding. If they require a spokesperson in a short time For instance you’ll need to think quickly and swiftly and seize the chance when it’s offered.

What is the role of broadcast PR in your company?

Many different ways that broadcast PR can benefit an organization that it could be difficult to pinpoint concrete touchpoints, and determine the results. Ultimately, broadcast PR should positively impact how your audience thinks about your business and create your ideal image through strategically planned communication and strategies.

Broadcast PR increases awareness for your company by ensuring it’s included in the media your targeted viewers frequent. The uniqueness of endorsement from a third party, whether broadcaster or journalist, can add credibility to your marketing campaign.

With consistent key messaging that is consistent, the power of positive business communications will strengthen your brand’s image. In turn, raising awareness and building a good reputation will greatly increase your exposure, with the final result of expanding your customer base and boosting sales.

Broadcast PR can be a massive opportunity for brands and businesses alike, offering the possibility to get a valuable piece of coverage in front of a wide and specific audience. We’ve discovered that there is much more to this marketing aspect beyond pitching to journalists and securing a quick piece on TV or radio. To maximize the benefits that broadcast media PR can bring, you need to take into consideration the numerous opportunities available to you, and then put in place strategies to make your campaign to be a success.

We hope that this article provided you with the information you need to incorporate broadcast PR into your next campaign. If you need help in creating and executing your strategy, find a broadcast PR firm that can help.