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Greatest advantages of LED display technology

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The thing that makes LED displays distinct from some other Large Format Display (LFD) readily available on the market?

You will find benefits that are apparent not simply to professional users but additionally to individuals who aren’t knowledgeable about display tecnologies.

Against certain video solutions, there could be specific benefits. For instance you are able to claim that compared to a projector or perhaps videowall an LED display requires less space for installation being less thick (under five cm, when) that is necessary, however it’s thicker compared to some other kinds of monitors. So we are going to focus solely on benefits of LEDs over All of the various other display solutions, there are plenty of anyway…

First, when we discuss “LED screens” or maybe “LED displays” we’re discussing a monitor which is completely made with LEDs and also the photo is produced by the immediate light emission of the diodes – we’re not discussing the so called “LED TVs” which are in fact LCD monitors retro illuminated by LEDs.

1.The most and first apparent benefit is the fact that LED displays are actually the sole product of the planet which may be installed outside with no additional protection; by itself the screen is actually dustproof and waterproof, bright adequate to be seen under direct sunlight and very strong to resist to a specific degree of vandalism.

2 e 3. The next and third greatest benefits are actually the entire flexibility in phrases of sizing and shaping, the sole limit being resolution in case the dimensions are very small (however this might not be always true today, with pixel pitches under two mm incredible display quality may be obtained also in tiny sizes). In any size up to dozens, hundreds, if not a huge number of square metres, an LED display could be freely scaled, straight or even curved, up to TV aspect ratio, square, banner, totem, used as it’s on modules of few centimeters.

  1. And below we’re with the 4th advantage. When you’ve to actually add up monitor to monitor to reach special shapes or huge formats with another display technologies, LED screens will regularly be seamless and no bezel, with an external frame just in case you love it to increase visibility and contrast. The display modularity is additionally the reason behind ease-of-use-and-installation, making this particular technology the perfect option for itinerant and mobile use, the 5th advantage.

Let us now discuss the four specific features of display quality, which make visual impact of LED displays stunning and unique.

Driven by high quality components, LEDs is able to re produce a palette of colours superior to some other technology, at an unmatchable refresh rate.

You then only have to include this to the extra ordinary brightness (if required, more than 10.000 NIT for outside and more than thousand NIT for interior, dimmable down to 255 levels, to change to environmental light) and contrast ratio. 10th, last but not least, is actually a large advantage which belongs to a different category, Return of the Investment.

LED displays, if installed and utilized correctly, can easily reach 100,000 hours of lifetime, i.e. with a 24/7 use eleven yrs!

What this means is, it’s a lot more apt to change a display because of its technological obsolescence (for a brand new design with more features or maybe greater definition) than for the not functioning of its. MacroPix LED displays leverage on the very best engineering.