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Does evacuation equipment require maintenance?

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It is crucial that annual maintenance is performed on evacuations chairs. Most of our equipment is created out of probably the most every chair and long-lasting equipment is inspected by an experienced engineer before it actually leaves the factory, though we nevertheless suggest that all equipment is inspected and services annually.

Precisely why would not you should get a company with expertise in the design and creation of evacuated equipment that will help you meet your needs?

When your equipment is maintained by our designers, we are going to issue a report of certification on your product records.
So why do you’ve your equipment serviced each year?

In case time arrives the places you have to wear it, which is going to ensure your chair is in working order. It’s paramount that an annual program happens and there’s currently government guidelines offered in the form of PUWER Regulations (Use and Provision of Works Equipment Regulations 1998).

PUWER Regulations are supposed to deal with general workplaces like offices, factories, farms, building sites, care homes, hospitals, shops, and wherever that work tools along with machinery is used.

It’s meant to be utilized by safety experts that provide safety and health products for medium to big companies to offer guidance for pro health and safety inspections.

The document can also be supposed to be utilized by police officers and also on occasion by HSE inspectors along with other legitimate professionals.


An annual service is necessary for your evacuation equipment. It is going to give you peace of mind which the gear is in total working order, must it be required during an urgent situation, and it’ll additionally keep you in keeping with the PUWER Regulations. Your moral and legal responsibilities will be cared for simultaneously.