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Digital Marketing for Food

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You’re likely to have heard of SEO, SEM and social media marketing if you are a brand developing food or beverage brands. Do you know what happens when these three elements are combined to develop your brand’s digital strategy?
Digital is a powerful tool that can increase brand awareness, cross-selling and distribution. It also increases shelf visibility.

Are you unsure what a plan should look like? These are the basic digital marketing strategies that can be used to market emerging brands of food and beverages.

Brand awareness is key to developing food and drink brands

Your first step in your marketing plan should be to increase brand awareness. Building brand awareness is all about creating a relationship between your brand, your audience, and yourself. Strong brand awareness will increase loyalty and help your brand grow over time. It’s important to have a two-way conversation with your audience to create an emotional connection.

You can use food agencies for digital marketing tools like social media, SEM and SEO to achieve the following goals. This will help you build brand awareness.

Your brand should be visible to your target audience
Establish emotional connections
Find brand ambassadors and influencers to help you recruit.
Generate consumer engagement
Create thought leadership
Register product trial
Stock your pantry

Product sales growth for food and beverage companies

The following areas are supported by digital marketing tools:

Promotion of products and pantry loading
Showing support at the store can help increase distribution
Increase shelf visibility
Product location
Get consumer insights

How? Let’s have a look.

Cross-selling additional products can be done using digital marketing techniques like email marketing and remarketing. If your customers already enjoy one product, they will be more likely to recommend another.

Promotion of products and pantry loading
High-value coupons can be used to encourage new customers to try the service and BOGO to increase pantry stocking for existing customers. Coupon Factory is an anti-fraud digital platform that allows coupon dispensing. Promoting coupons through digital advertising channels

Show support for retailers to increase distribution
Distributors will be more likely to buy brands if they are familiar with and willing to use geotargeting. How do you do this? Tell potential distributors that you can help them to sell your brand using geotargeted digital ads. You can show your ads to customers who are located within a particular geographic area, even a radius around a store.

For developing food brands, increasing shelf visibility
You can increase brand recognition by attracting users via digital media. To encourage customers and potential customers to take the action that you want, use digital calls to action on your website and blog as well as in digital advertisements. You can also increase your visibility by holding a contest. Your brand should be connected to the prize and make it memorable.

Product location
Destini makes it easy for your customers to find new products. Destini integrates IRI/Niels mass and conventional store data. It is the only locator tool to integrate SPINS Store Locator feed, which includes store-level data from all natural specialty retailers reporting to SPINS.

Obtaining feedback from consumers and insights
Website surveys and social media polls can help you find out what your customers think and want. You will not only gain insight, but also generate engagement and help your product be more easily recognizable.
The Take Away

Digital marketing offers a wide range of tools that will help emerging brands in food and beverage get their products to distributors and customers. A multi-pronged, layered strategy is the best way to get the word out.