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Why Visit Bird Paradise in Singapore?

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Did you know? Singapore’s new and exciting tourist attraction Bird Paradise will be opening its doors to the public on May 8th 2023 in the Mandai Wildlife Reserve!

After 52 years of the bird park that was originally established, Jurong Bird Park has left an imprint on many of our childhoods, where we may have had the initial glimpse of birds like parrots or penguins in real life. The original location that closed on 3 January 2023, witnessed the creatures that resided there (more than 3000 birds belonging to over 400 species of birds) moving to their new paradise in Bird Paradise!

This is a much-needed upgrade that includes eight large walk-through aviaries as well as many more, not only for the enjoyment of visitors but also for the birds that live there too – with improved areas specifically designed to replicate the diverse ecosystems and habitats for our beloved avian species.

from the walk-through aviaries influenced by the diverse ecosystems of the globe across Africa from Africa to South America, to a stunning new penguin cove an outdoor restaurant that offers stunning view of waterfalls and more . Here are 14 things to anticipate to see in the new Bird Paradise during your visit!

1. Winged Sanctuary

Visit Bird Paradise and look out for Winged Sanctuary, a space where you can see rare and prey-like birds with great conservation value. It has more than 100 bird species, and their exhibits, ranging from Brahminy Starling to the Santa Cruz Ground Dove, to Maleo and Philippine Falconet.

2. Penguin Cove

It is located right next to right next to the Winged Sanctuary, the new Penguin Cove (one of my most frequent stops at the bird park of the past!) is a salt-water, cold habitat specifically designed for penguins. Not only that, but it also offers food options that include amazing buffets that are delicious in an underwater setting with penguins – Penguin Cove Restaurant. Penguin Cove Restaurant.

3. Heart of Africa

Are you done with penguins? Enter the Heart of Africa next, the largest aviary walk-through that replicates the forests of Africa with vibrant birds that live in tall trees. The park also has Bee-eater’s Cliff where you can see the bee-eaters catching insects in the air, and also cultural features such as Congolese pavilions as well as the viewing tower which offers the best view of the Africa-themed habitat.

4. Wings of Asia

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more familiar, Wings of Asia is an area specifically designed especially for Southeast Asian creatures where you’ll discover pheasants grazing in the undergrowth and hornbills in the trees. Additionally, there are exciting cultural elements such as an inspired Balinese gate, pavilions , and sound sculptures made of water to discover and snap photos with.

5. Crimson Wetlands

Take a trip to the 3rd stop at Crimson Wetlands, and here’s where you’ll be amazed by the stunningly vibrant exhibit of Scarlet Ibises and Roseate Spoonbills flying across “marshy wetlands that are set in the background of an ethereal town within South America”. Visit the lick made of clay with beautiful macaws that are seen feeding and the fountain (a memorial to the first waterfall aviary in Jurong Bird Park), and Crimson Restaurant, a restaurant that offers stunning panoramas of the area, and a waterfall!

6. Amazonian Jewels

Then, explore the Amazon rainforest in Amazonian Jewels and get to meet some of the most special bird species like the Amazonian Motmot as well as the Chestnut-eared Aracari while taking in the famous Amazonian rainforest the ficus trees, huge buttress roots and much more.

7. The Songs of the Forest

A symphony that is enchanting and melodious with a symphony of music at Songs of the Forest, an aviary that is specifically designed for singing songbirds from Asia including birds like the Bali Myna, Straw-headed Bulbul and Asian Fairy Bluebirds. You’ll find an “peaceful refuge with huge overhanging leaves and sparkling streams influenced by the rivers that are found in Southeast Asia”.

8. Mysterious Papua

The fun and excitement continues at Mysterious Papua, with Birds of Paradise of New Guinea dancing in flamboyant courtship. Do not forget to visit the bird hideout that is reminiscent of a longhouse to view Papuan birds such as that of Southern Cassowary, North Papuan King Parrot and Palm Cockatoo up close!

9. Australian Outback

Then, from Mysterious Papua, travel beneath to reach the Australian Outback It’s an unforgiving forest simulation which is home to various species of Lorikeets as well as endangered Lorikeets as well as a large number of pigeons.

10. Lory Loft

Make suspension bridges that are that are inspired by the traditional treehouses of Papua on Lory Loft (an updated version of the original Lory Loft at Jurong Bird Park) and take a look at the gorgeous lories and parrots. Visitors are also able to offer to the bird a nectar drink for them to get closer “and even sit on your wrists and shoulders”!

11. Sky Amphitheatre

Have you missed the previous Kings of the Skies and High Flyers presentations at Jurong Bird Park? It’s time to go! Sky Amphitheatre will be home to two new avian performances that include Predators in Wings as well as Wings of the World -with a familiar but modernized format that will showcase the extraordinary talents of birds and their trainers.

12. Feeding sessions

At just S$8 for a session You’ll be able to have a close encounter with the latest breeds such as African Hornbills, Barbets, Pelicans and Lories from different areas. Also, it’s for a worthy cause, as the proceeds from feeding animals are donated to Mandai Wildlife Group’s environmental initiatives.

13. Keeper-led experiences

To experience a more intimate and intimate experience you can take the Bird Discovery Tour, where you’ll get the inside scoop on the most popular birds we have or opt for an Backstage Pass, which gives guests an exclusive behind the scenes view of the Avian Health as well as Research Centre?

14. Mandai Wildlife West

The gateway for visitors to Bird Paradise and the upcoming Rainforest Wild is Mandai Wildlife West Mandai Wildlife West is which is a public area with playgrounds for children and eating alternatives. The guests will be welcomed by a waterfall that is 10 meters tall, modelled in the style of Indonesia’s Madakaripura waterfall. What is a great way to make an entrance!

Little ones can have a great time having fun in The Interactive Pangolin Adventure and Pangolin Hideout play areasthat encourage pangolin-like activities such as climbing, borrowing and sliding. Additional areas such as Forest Stream, Epiphytic Cluster, Green Roof, and the Foraging Trail are designed to be educational areas for visitors to explore the variety of nature of the native wildlife, the flora as well as the diverse ecosystems.

If you’re hungry after all the food and drink you’ve had, consider a range of green retail and F&B options. These include the such as Luke’s Lobster, Leckerbaer, and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (in a flagship multi-concept store), A&W, Pavilion Banana Leaf and, obviously, Birds of Paradise.

Ticketing details

From May 8 to 2023 Bird Paradise will be open from 9am to 6pm every day, with tickets for single admission costing S$48 per adult, and S$33 for kids (three through 12) and S$20 for seniors. Visitors can however enjoy an exclusive rate that is S$38 per adult, and S$23 to children and S$20 for seniors during the soft launch time between 8 and 26 May.

From the dense African rainforests from dense African rainforests to South American wetlands, Southeast Asian paddy fields Dry Australian Eucalyptus forests, and many more — make sure to make a note of visiting the newly opened Bird Paradise when it opens.