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Lisbon Portela LIS Airport Terminal Information

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Lisbon Portela Airport has 2 passenger terminals – T1 & T2. Terminal two offers solely affordable airlines. A totally free shuttle bus attaches both terminals at the respective Departure areas of theirs. The Airport is attached to the City subway system. Drivers that go away a passenger might do this before the terminal – zero need to park.


  • All Arrivals are prepared for Termnal one – which includes those of T2, that serves just for inexpensive airline departures).
    -‘ e-gates’ using RAPID4ALL self service border clearance kiosks with face recognition is currently available to citizens of Australia, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela and USA.
  • Free limitless WiFi service is offered (select’ VIC Airports wifi’).
  • A brand new food court with 7 outlets is in the post security region.
  • Check in either on the internet or even make use of the self-check-in kiosks to safe period!
  • Commercial places have been already expanded & upgraded, with a longer selection of brands and things.


Terminal one is utilized by most airlines serving Lisbon Airport, besides inexpensive airlines shown at Terminal two. NOTE: As of June 2016: T1’s brand new security management and screening area with ten brand new x ray scanners enhanced hourly operating capability to 3,000 passenges an hour. Boarding pass scanners have been enhanced to 9 along with a brand new check in region opened with extra ten check in counters (with 6 additional by late 2016). Passengers are in a position to use the restricted areas’ with no human intervention’.
The Arrivals level with baggage carousels, rental automobile counter, left luggage, Information desk, banking facilities, and the big Apollo Conference room. This particular level links to Parking facilities.
The Departures amount – split into Restricted and public areas: – The public place – has check in counters airline ticketing desks, multibank ATMs, post office, food, shop and drink, and security check.

  • The limited area is split between west & east areas, with SEF Immigration in the center; the connector in between the 2 areas houses food & shops and drink: – The West departure gate location with gates 7 26 gives multibank ATM, airline & airport lounges, a web lounge, a playground, a transfer station (between gate fifteen & sixteen); the T2 shuttle near entry to gates 18 2, and food & drink & stores near entrance to gates 7 13.
  • The East departure gate location with gates 41 47 has a multibank ATM money machines, transfers, currency exchange, and even online lounge.
    A big number of retail shops, which includes duty free, and restaurants are located in the restricted and public areas of level three.
    Lounges at Terminal 1:
  • Air France Lounge (+351 707 202800) near duty free shop, Departures; – ANA Lounge on level six can be obtained to all paying passengers.
  • Groundforce Blue Lounge (+351 218 413613) near gates 7 13, Departures; and also Groundforce Blue Lounge (+351 218 445495) on level one.
  • Lisboa Lounge (+351 218 413670) near gate fifteen, Departures.
  • TAP Portugal Premium Lounge (+351 218 415420) among Ola icecream & Espaco Cota stores, Departures.

Terminal two for Low Cost Carriers (LCC) is a departure terminal simply – with simplified service for cheap arlines EasyJet, Norwegian, Transavia, Wizz and Ryanair – not requiring a certain infrastrucure for passenger transfer operation. T2 does not have any parking facilities. To hook up to Terminal one, make use of the no cost curbside shuttle bus. An immediate link from Cais do Sondre to T2 can be purchased through Aerobus.

  • The public place on the left houses check in counters 201 222 and also has an info counter, ATM money machine, a baggage scale, an online point, what about the middle security influence with permission to access the limited area: – The restricted area on the best- Positive Many Meanings – contains an ATM as well as access airline gates 201 215.
    NOTE: T2’s Departure Hall has been already reorganized with broader passageways plus more roomy waiting areas.