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The 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram

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There are numerous benefits and disadvantages to Instagram . The most prominent are its enormous character and promotion of artistic talents. The main drawbacks are its inadequate editing tools, as well as losing copyright.

Because of its many advantages, the social media site has seen a surge in recent years , and currently is home to more than 200 millions active users each month. This number shows that Instagram has more than 15 times the members that Facebook in addition to 20 times the number of users as Twitter.

The 8 Benefits and Disadvantages of Instagram The Most Relevant

This platform is perfect for those who love taking pictures, making short videos, and share the images with others. In addition, the application can be integrated to Facebook and Twitter A photo posted to Instagram is automatically shared via these other social networks.

Instagram is built on a method of sharing videos and photos. It’s similar to Facebook and Twitter as it combines elements from both. Facebook is based on the concept of sharing pictures, while Twitter is based on the concept of following.

The major drawback with it is the fact that it’s only compatible with the Android, iOS and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Users who do not own the operating systems mentioned above must use via the internet, but it isn’t as user-friendly as the application.


1- Massive

Instagram is a popular social network that has been growing rapidly in the past few times. It is a mix of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this is the one that has the highest amount of active users per month.

2-“A image is worth more than a thousand words”

The most important aspect of Instagram is that it permits you to post photos. Sometimes, images can convey more information than written text.

Images are able to create emotions and emotions. They also have a greater appeal than other types of communication. This creates a better communication system for users.

3. Ideal for virtual stores.

Instagram has become an effective marketing tool. Numerous online stores use Instagram to advertise their goods.

With this website, interaction between buyers and sellers has become more engaging.

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4 Security and privacy

One of the biggest benefits for users of Instagram is its security and privacy policy.

The use of these sites is restricted to those who are 13 years or more of age, to shield children from content that is not appropriate for them.

Furthermore, it could be determined that the articles are not public. When you select this option, others who wish to view the images or videos, or any other aspect of the profile need to submit a follow-up email to the account owner with access to the account on a private basis. The account owner has the power to either accept or deny the request.

If an Instagram user is in violation of the rules of Instagram or is infringing the security of other users of the platform, it could be removed and not be able access the posts of those who blocked it.


As with other social networks Instagram is, like other social networks, Instagram service is completely free. Both the subscription and downloading of the app generate extra costs for users of the derivatives to pay for Internet service.

6. Sharing Choices

Instagram allows users to share photos as well as videos. These can be directly created from Instagram, or be uploaded using the memory of your mobile device.

The program also gives users the possibility of sharing these documents on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

7. Communication medium

As a social network, Instagram is a method of communicating. Alongside uploading multimedia files, the application provides instant messaging.

8- Develops artistic skills

It is a Instagram social network helps people develop their artistic talents. With this app, numerous users are aware of the basic photographic elements such as angles, planes and focus and many more.


1. Created to be mobile

Instagram Instagram application was designed to be an application that could be used on a mobile device. Its layout is ideal for mobile devices , such as tablets and smartphones.

There’s also a web version of the social network that is utilized on desktop computers, but it does not provide the same services as the mobile app.

2. Not compatible with all operating systems.

Instagram application is available only for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Instagram application is available only on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile operating systems.

This excludes those who own devices that run BlackBerry operating systems. OS or Linux, and many more.

Three tools are not sufficient to edit images

Being a network which is built on the publishing photographs, it comes with only a few tools for editing of these images.

It’s only got the effects of a few dozen (filters) and the additional options need to be downloaded independently.

4 Possibility of theft of images

When you post professional or high-quality images on social networks It is possible to gain access to them and use the images to solve professional problems that can benefit them financially.

Thus, there is the possibility of”stealing”images from a user with their permission.

5. The privacy of images is collective, not personal.

You cannot set the privacy settings of each photo in isolation. This means that you have only two choices: each publication will be public, or that they are all private.

6- Addictive

The Instagram social network could become addictive for users. Because of this, you should use it cautiously.

7- False advertisement

Many businesses rely on Instagram to advertise their products and services. Sometimes , these accounts employ fake advertisements to draw customers. This can cause distrust among customers.

8- It depends on the pictures

The popularity of an account is dependent on the quality of the posted photos. If the images aren’t attractive enough, the account won’t have as many followers.

In the case of online stores, if the images of the merchandise do not convey the advantages of theseproducts, the store won’t bring in sales.