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How To Use QR Codes

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If you’ve been under an iceberg for the past decade, you’ve probably encountered QR codes, in one form or another, in your work and in your leisure time. Barcodes can be a wonderful option to advertise your company’s image, and if you’re a B2B business it is possible to make use of them in order to promote your business. But what are the main advantages of QR codes and what can they do to help your B2B website to perform better? We’re here to lay it out for you.

1. QR codes encourage sharing and networking

QR codes are more than just barcodes that are digital. They can be utilized to connect a mobile device to the “Like” button on your Facebook page, or to send users directly straight to either you Twitter and LinkedIn page. Engaging customers via social media provides you with the chance to build an association with them. Additionally, they’re more likely promote your company’s brand. As B2B companies, you’ll typically discover that you are doing the most business via word of mouth.

2. They can be used to serve as”call-to-action”

QR codes can be linked to audio commentary, trailers, instructional videos or other media for calls-to-action. Perhaps you could link your QR code to an email us’ or “Call us” text where scanning the code lets people automatically email or contact you? This is a great way to launch a new brand or offer a special promotion, such as, when customers scan the code and get a discount. You can also link to the QR image to your web pages where the contact form can be filled in (lead creation for your site) in order to get an offer.

3. They can enhance your SMO and SEO

Did you realize that the use of QR codes can enhance not just your social media optimization but also your search engine optimisation? Isn’t that what we’re all striving for? Improve search engine rankings and then optimize them by encouraging sharing.

4. You can be truly creative

QR codes don’t have to appear as black and white pixel heavy boxes – in fact, they can be made to look very interesting and allow you to be creative with your B2B marketing. There are companies (such as QRLicious) that can design unique, attractive QR codes for you and other sites where you can customize the colour of your QR code to create distinctive design. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and do something different with your QR codes in order to create a social media buzz that will make everyone talk about your company.

5. You can evaluate their efficacy

Inbound marketing lets you examine the cost of marketing of sales, but in the past with billboards or print marketing this wasn’t feasible. QR codes take it further, letting you gauge your results based on leads and clicks. Link-shortening tools such as to generate automatically QR codes that will allow you to share links shortened They also provide important statistics!

6. They connect your offline and online media

Print media like billboards, brochures, flyers and business cards do not have any direct connection for your digital media such websites. As long as you do not include QR codes, that is. A growing number of B2B firms use QR codes to connect the print media they use to their websites. this means that there’s no need to include your web address or telephone number (which may be noted down wrongly) Customers who are interested in your services can simply scan the QR code and be taken directly to your landing page.

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7. Customers love them

Why do customers love QR codes? First of all, they simplify their lives. There’s no need to write down telephone numbers and addresses or remembering to visit an online site later. A glance at the QR codes and they’re calling your company or filling out an enquiry form on your site. This is especially important for B2B companies, since you’re dealing with potential customers who are usually not able to respond in time. The more simple and quick it is for them to get in touch with you and learn more about your offerings, the more likely that they’ll be converted.

QR codes may be used in many different ways. These are only a few of the benefits they offer for your B2B business website. We’re sure as you start using them you’ll discover many more reasons you can’t do without them!