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A guide to choosing the right broadband provider

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Whether your current broadband contract is coming to an end or you’re moving or simply desire to enhance your internet connection, choosing the best broadband provider for your needs is essential. And with so much choice out there, knowing what option is the most suitable for your needs can be difficult.

How much can you spend?

Like most things in life and especially with broadband, you’ll get what you spend for. While it’s crucial to cut costs and not spend more than you can’t afford, don’t go for the most affordable option to make a point.

If you live in an expansive household with numerous internet-connected devices as well as users, or you prefer to stream films via Netflix or play games on your PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll find out that the cheapest deals won’t be enough. If you pick a cheap broadband plan with limited download speeds, it could result in more cost in the long run if you go over your monthly limit.

How many people reside at your house?

When you compare broadband packages, you must be aware of who will be the users. The more people there are sharing the same connection the slower your internet connection will be for everyone. If your entire household is connected to one broadband connection, all connected devices will be sharing the bandwidth when they use the internet simultaneously. Thus, if you’re using internet speeds of 35Mbps but you have five users connected to your personal devices, you’ll see speeds of 7Mbps each.

If you’re living by yourself, or just with one person and are both using the internet for things like email social media, checking your email, or even online shopping You should be satisfied with a simpler and lower-cost broadband.

If you are a member of many family members or share a flat with multiple housemates, you should consider upgrading to a faster internet connection with unlimited usage. More speedy broadband allows you everyone to browse the internet and stream content simultaneously without any delay or interruption. And unlimited usage will let everyone do what you like on the internet, without worrying about exceeding any limits.

What speed do we need?

Broadband plans come with a wide range of speeds, from lower-cost speedy ADSL connection via copper of around 11Mbps to ultrafast fibre optic broadband connections , which have average download speeds of 60Mbps.

Streaming services like Netflix advise you to have download speeds of at least 5Mbps to stream HD content. If there are many people within your family who prefer to stream TV shows and films simultaneously, it’s worth investing in faster internet. If your children enjoy downloading and playing numerous game titles on PlayStation or Xbox and Xbox, then a fast broadband connection is vital to prevent slowdowns and ensure smooth play.

Do you need unlimited usage?

If you’re looking for a broadband service, you should also be aware of how much data you’re allowed to access every month. Although most offers now provide unlimited usage, you can still discover cheaper options with limits, for an example, 25GB. These are great if you only sparingly use the internet to check your email or do a bit of online shopping every once in a while. But, if you opt to one of these inexpensive options but exceed your limit it is possible that you will spend more than if opting for the unlimited option.

If you’re streaming online for example, whether Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer or even a few videos on YouTube it’s recommended to purchase a broadband subscription with unlimited data usage. Because streaming video takes up a large amount of data. With a limited usage package and you’ll soon be over your limit within a couple of shows of Friends.

Do you require a residence phone package?

If you’re not with Virgin Media, your broadband connection is likely to be through the same cables that are used for your landline. The reason is that most broadband packages come with a phone service included in the package. Although not many of us have a home phone anymore in this age of smartphones It’s nevertheless important to choose the right plan so that you don’t get the wrong deal.

If you still use the home phone frequently it is worth including any time calls in your plan. This will let you make any number of calls from UK numbers at any time of the week. A cheaper option would be to purchase inclusive weekend and evening calls. This allows the ability to make calls at any time on weekends and in the evenings during the week. This is a great option if your schedule is from between Monday and Friday and thus not home for calls during the week.

With the majority of broadband providers it’s inevitable that you’ll need to pay for the phone service. If you do not use your home phone, then in order to save money, should consider an pay as you go deal. This means you will only be charged for your home phone when you actually use it. If you do not use it, then you will not be charged .

What TV package do you need?

A majority of broadband providers offer bundle deals that include both internet and TV. Bundle bundles are an excellent choice if you watch significant amount of live television, as you will most likely save money by paying for both services at once instead of each one separately.

There’s a lot on offer out there, from Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and Now Broadband. They all provide a wide range of channels and packages and packages, so it’s important to pick the one you want in accordance with the type of TV you want to see, whether it’s movies or soap operas.

Sky and Virgin Media’s TV packages have the most extensive selection, with well over 200 channels on each of their basic packages. Additionally, you can add children’s, sports and movies packages based on your preferences. You can also stream on-demand services to your television, like Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video.

If you’re an avid sports enthusiast, you should get either, or both of, either of the Sky Sports and BT Sport packages. Both are available to add to your Virgin Media or TalkTalk bundles. However, while Sky Sports have the most live Premier League football matches, Formula 1, golf and cricket, BT have all the Champions League and Europa League matches.

BT TV and TalkTalk TV can be a great option when you’re concerned about cost. They have more than 70 channels in their basic packages but also permit you to add additional channels if you wish.

If you’re not a fan of sports and rarely stream live digital TV it is worth considering broadband or a broadband and phone bundle. There’s still plenty of TV and movies on-demand with streaming services such as Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video. If this is the case, you should prioritise getting speedy broadband connections with unlimitted data use.

What can you get in your locality?

Each broadband provider may not be in a position to cover all areas in the UK. That means the majority of the best broadband deals that are available might not be available in your region. BT offers the most extensive choice of coverage that covers 95% of country being able to connect to a BT broadband. Smaller providers may only cover a few specific areas, such as Relish who are only available in areas in central London as well as Swindon.