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Different Types of Rigid Boxes

Certain types of products require additional support in the box they are packed. The box isn’t just designed to offer support to the product, but to also provide it should also provide a visual appeal to it too. The best solution for packaging for these items lies in rigid boxes.’

The rigid boxes are popular to pack a variety of items, i.e., board games, luxury items and other gifts. They are also utilized to pack various other items. The Rigid box is sturdy cardboard box with a larger in thickness because of an internal stacking process of chipboard. The inside structure is generally covered with various kinds of materials, such as wrapped leather, embellished wraps and fabric wrappings.

A lot of people inquire about the differences between packing boxes i.e. the corrugated box cardboard boxes, rigid boxes. The primary distinction between them is that Rigid boxes are rigid packaging and not flexible. A rigid box is unable to alter its shape to suit your needs and is commonly found with cardboard boxes and corrugated ones. The robust construction of rigid boxes allows for an excellent durability, as well as a lower cost of assemblage that comes by flexible packing boxes.

Packaging boxes are designed to provide a distinct feel and appearance to the items encased within rigid boxes serve a particular function. These boxes are geared towards creating a very extravagant and elegant appearance to the item that is encased within. Other packaging options do not meet the same goal. The persona mentioned above is achieved by the luxury of material, the enticement of the contemporary style and the captivating layers of exotic and tactile paper.

Another interesting aspect of Rigid Boxes is that , stylistically it is available in various forms, from tube box as well as magnetic closure containers and numerous others. This article will go over the different kinds of rigid boxes as well as their purpose.

1 Rigid Boxes that are partially covered

Sometimes , when purchasing products, buyers would like to get a glimpses of the product. This increases the value and the worth of the item. This is why, in contrast to a completely covered rigid container, which may not give the purchaser any kind of glimpse into the product’s real-world appearance the product’s features, a partly coated Rigid Box just might do the trick.

The boxes feature an opening in the middle, that is constructed from transparent film. The strength and stiffness of these windows are determined by the dimensions and shape of the glass. It is also dependent on the type of product that is contained in the box. If the window is bigger it is necessary for the film to be stronger and in reverse. In the same way, if a beauty or cosmetic item is contained inside the box, it should be a more robust film than if a luxurious item is within, i.e., a candle.

2. Telescoping Rigid Boxes

Telescoping Rigid Boxes are among of the most popular rigid boxes. There are various kinds of Telescoping Rigid box. They are:

2 piece telescoping rigid box
3 Piece Telescoping Rigid Box

A two-piece telescoping rigid container is comprised of a base and the lid. The lid will usually be larger in terms of size over the base. This increased dimensions of the lid allows it perfectly fit over the lower portion inside the container. These boxes can be utilized for a variety of different items including electronic products, apparel products, etc.

As previously mentioned, a variety of design elements distinguish rigid boxes from one another as well as 2-piece telescoping boxes come in different designs. One of the most well-known styles that is a two-piece telescoping container is the cylindrical telescoping rigid box. These boxes are utilized for different purposes, but the most prevalent of which is to package beverages and food items.

The three pieces of telescoping rigid box comprise 3 components comprising the upper lid as well as the bottom, and the middle piece, also referred to in the term neck. The lid on the upper and bottom piece are identical size. This is the reason the interior part or neck is employed. The neck serves in the role of an adhesion between the two pieces since it is linked to the bottom inside the container. These rigid boxes are typically thought of as fashionable and stylish. They are utilized to protect items similar to those. For instance, 3-piece rigid boxes are used to protect high-end gadgets, gifts and other items that have a high-end look and a look of class.

3 Book-Style Rigid Boxes

The Box Style rigid box’s enclosure is designed in that it opens as if it were an open book. This kind of stylish design made of boxes that are rigid is durable, robust and simple to use. They also look very classy and when the packing of elegant goods is considered like the simplest book or watch The Book style rigid boxes are the ideal choice.

Box Style rigid boxes possess an enticingly distinctive and distinct appearance. Alongside its capacity to bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to the item they also aid the buyer to have the most enjoyable unpacking experience. Many customers purchase this product to experience the pleasure when they unpack these beautiful, rigid boxes could provide.

Furthermore, because of the strength of the box and its stylish design, it is able to be used by clients in different ways and designs. Thus, these boxes are an important reason to buy an item to customers. It can be concluded the fact that the’after-use’ of packaging boxes plays an important role in the choice of goods by the customers.

4 Foldable Magnetic Boxes

Even though Rigid boxes aren’t likely to fall into the category of flexibility The team behind The Legacy Printing still managed to develop an idea that could allow even Rigid boxes adaptable. Thus, the idea of ‘Foldable Rigid Magnetic Boxes were proposed. These compact rigid boxes possess all the attributes of a rigid container, i.e. by its durability and prestigious feel, but the difference is its capability to fold.

The ability to fold is achieved by reducing the thickness the clipboard inside rigid boxes. This allows the box to fold and also lets that the box still has beautiful textured papers or leather wrapping on top. Certain companies, such as the above-mentioned company has the lid constructed in a magnetic fashion. This kind of lid also makes the task of opening the box a lot of fun and relaxing for customers. Its magnetic fold is capable of holding the goods in a perfect way without fear of everything inside the box becoming unsecure or being impacted by pressure external to the box.

5 Rigid Drawer Boxes

Rigid drawer boxes were made to give customers a the most enjoyable and pleasurable unpacking experience. These drawer boxes are commonly used to pack items that are delicate and one-off. The rigid box comes in two components:

The drawer
The sleeves

The drawer’s opening is modified in any way the client requires. There are numerous possibilities to select from. Some customers prefer a small ribbon or string at the bottom of the drawer that allows them to shut it and open it. Some prefer a simple cut in the drawer’s closure end to manage openings.

Businesses use Rigid Drawer Boxes in order to create an unique and attractive look to the item when it is put on shelves. The drawer is usually designed to be partially opened which allows the customer to come across the packaging and see the effects of unpacking and also the contents inside it. This will increase the interest of customers in the item which increases the likelihood of purchasing the item.

6 Q/A on Rigid Boxes

A lot of people may wonder what it is about traditional printing process that sets it apart from other printers. The most important thing is their commitment to creating new and unique solutions to packaging. For instance, while it was not common to see Rigid packaging to be made with flexible forms but the company nevertheless thought of a way to make it more elastic by using various materials, and then deciding on the most appropriate substances, i.e., magnet.

Furthermore, the company could provide various finishing touches to Rigid boxes ordered. The finishing touches can include a glossy to a matte one or a leather-like touch to an exotic paper texture. Graphic designers will also assist clients in choosing the most appropriate color combinations for their drawer boxes or books-style rigid boxes.

The services don’t stop at the creation of the ideal rigid box however, the business is also attentive to how important it is for the box being affixed to the characteristics of the product, and catering to the needs of customers and expectations, as well as serving as a branding and marketing aspect.