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Why Work With Gosport Estate Agents?

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During tough times most people are looking to cut costs as much that they can. If you’re looking to buy or sell your home, you are likely to be seeking the best deals possible.

It is true that you can sell or find homes on your own. But unless you’re able to make home shopping or listing a property a part-time job, an agent will probably be able match you with the right buyer (or the ideal property in case you’re looking to buy) quicker and more smoothly. In this week’s article, we’ve listed the top five advantages of hiring an estate agent.

Increased probability of a successful sale

Best interest for both parties

High street agents are paid a commission on the sale of the property. For example, they might receive 2% commission on the selling price.

Multiple listing service

No matter which estate agent you select you choose, they’ll be able to access more listing services than you alone. This could result in increased exposure which can lead to the sale quicker than without an agent.

Marketing strategies and experiences

Real estate agents are aware of the most effective and up-to-date methods of marketing when it comes to selling houses.

Access to buyers

Real estate agents typically assist both sellers and buyers, so they are able to access a vast network of highly-qualified buyers. They are also likely to meet potential buyers on a regular basis.

Showcase your home

An experienced estate agent can assist in highlighting the most important and distinctive features of your house that they know buyers in the region are looking for. This could include features that are already in place or valid planning permits for works that are not completed, such as extensions to the rear.

Local local knowledge

If you select a local estate agent who specializes in your particular area they’ll be aware of which properties are in the market for sale, and who is selling. An experienced agent will make use of this knowledge and experience to present your property to people most likely to buy. Keep in mind that it is in the best interest of the agent to provide viewings to clients most likely to go through with an offer and are willing to pay for the asking price or higher.

There aren’t any kinks on the chain

You can benefit from the middleman service offered by a high street agent which reduces stress and time taken to sell. Often Gosport estate agents will have sales personnel in place to serve as the middleman’ after an offer is accepted. This can include negotiating with the other chain members and any solicitors in between. Online estate agents, is, however, cannot call a buyer’s lawyer during the negotiations stage which could cause delays in the process.
Reduced stress and peace of mind

A professionally managed process

The majority of buyers and sellers want the process to be professionally run to ensure that the transaction goes as smooth as possible. Working with an experienced estate agents will make both you and your buyer at the ease.

Protection against fraud

A professional from the high street will ‘vet’ both parties , and gain insight into the level of seriousness that the buyer is. High-street agents are more likely to investigate the financial records of prospective buyers as well as the details of their viewing history and invariably carry out accompanied inspections. A professional agent will be at the forefront of the most recent laws and regulations when it comes to selling properties, so you can put the difficult stuff to the experts.

They are responsible for marketing and the viewings

Making the decision to sell your home alongside all of your other obligations in your day can be a stressful and stressful undertaking. When you employ the services of an estate broker, they will take care of the marketing and facilitate viewings on your behalf. This is after all, part of their job!

Watch for potential issues

Real estate professionals with experience can recognize and handle possible issues that you might not have noticed by yourself.
Increased likelihood of selling for the correct price

Professional negotiation

As we said earlier, your estate agent is a qualified professional with plenty of experience with the process of selling and meeting. They are able to eliminate the emotions from the sale and provide objective advice on every aspect of the process, and engage professionally with buyers.

Incentive to make a sale at a high price

The commission you pay your estate agent receives upon the sale of the property will be a percentage of the purchase price.
Expertise in the field

Price guide

Estate agents are familiar with the current markets and so they can provide advice regarding when you should accept an offer and the best time to increase your offer. It is not necessary to rely on the word of mouth, online resources or otherwise.

Access to their professional network

You can tap into the network of a real estate agent of professionals in the industry such as quantity surveyors or solicitors. This can help you determine what repairs or upgrades are worth the expense to highlight your home and increase the chances of selling your home at a premium.


The estate agent you choose to work with will assist you with the huge amount of paperwork required for selling your property. They will also provide you with information on the things you should be aware of.
No up-front costs

Commission fees are subject to the sale being completed that you have made of the home. You will not find a listing service that doesn’t require a cash deposit in order to list your property for sale.