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Why Use Temporary Fences?

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Construction sites, no matter if they are in a remote area or within residential neighborhoods, are subject to the possibility of deathly injuries and environmental pollution. The proper sectioning of the site and the enforcement of safety guidelines reduce this danger. This is the reason why the temporary fence around building sites has become the norm in the field. A majority of the industrial and domestic site construction in Australia must be secured, especially during excavations and blasts.

The next step is selecting the best fencing that is strong and cost-effective. Based on the site of construction various temporary fencing solutions can be found to solve every job, regardless of budget.

Below, we’ve listed five benefits of fencing off your construction site in terms of both security and cost.

Construction site rubbish control

Construction sites in general and their excavations produce a significant amount of garbage. This includes debris and other materials such as concrete, wood electric wiring, scrap steel insulation, and chemical. When extreme weather conditions occur, such as hurricanes, these materials are blown off or swept in the surroundings without any barriers to limit to the building site.

Temporary fence panels like shade barriers, silt or clothes can reduce the spread of hazardous waste and dangers. Fences serve as a security line at construction areas, all the way through extreme wind or humid areas.

Management of liability

The public’s ability to wander around and through the construction site is a serious risk that temporary fencing can help managers control. Fences are also essential in preventing anyone who is a tagger or loiterers.who might ignore warning signs. The installation of an interim fence surrounding your construction site protects against anyone who is not authorized to enter the area , in addition to any privacy concerns.

The fencing is durable and resilient, an additional benefit is that the fence can be removed swiftly following the completion of the project. By adjusting the sizes and strength, that strays from within the limits of the area are clearly marked which allows secure and controlled access to the site.

Limiting access to dangerous people

Commercial and residential properties pose several dangers and are often fenced off to prevent access by the public or unauthorised. Construction work is one of the most dangerous processes that require only authorized personnel to avoid potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations.

Additionally, large pieces of equipment like tractors, haulers and concrete mixers could cause serious injuries when utilized by or near the people in general, particularly within residential zones. When it is rainy or in regions that are prone to disaster, the danger of not adequately fencing off the construction zone increases.

Selecting temporary fence panels that have appropriate width and height measurements will limit access to the property in spite of extreme weather conditions.

Exposure and visual appeal

Most of the time construction sites are viewed as to be the most visible part of the neighborhood. Therefore, by installing temporary fencing with shade clothing, not only does the fencing provide the area with privacy and security, but also it will also hide the site from the public eye. It’s also a cost-effective method to advertise in busy pedestrian zones, since temporary fencing made of printed shade clothing can advertise construction companies.


Construction sites often require a significant amount of fencing which could be damaged or worn down after use particularly during lengthy projects. purchasing permanent fencing that is the entire width of the area will cost a substantial sum of money and typically is not easily adjustable in height or in size for the next. Employing temporary fencing however can be a viable option for any budget, providing the right dimensions and paned fencing on every project.