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Why Use Project Management For Finishing A Home

Although self-managing your building may seem appealing, it could lead to high fees. However, an experienced pro could provide better value.
Once your building control approval has been granted, it is time to have someone take over the management of the site.

This is the project manger (PM), who will deal with any issues that may arise along the construction process, and make sure the build is done on time and at the expected quality.

What’s the process of being a project manager? Should you take on this role or leave it to professionals?
What is the definition of self-build project management?

Project managers (PMs), are responsible for procuring and delivering a building within the time and budget constraints, as well as the required quality. The PM’s key skills include problem solving, general management, and diplomacy. They also have a deep understanding of construction and the built environment. The PM will also be responsible for safety and health at the site, including Covid protocols.

A PM will establish a schedule. They’ll assign individual contractors, tradespeople, suppliers, or services and determine when each should be on-site. They will get quotes from contractors and negotiate prices with suppliers. It will be the responsibility of the project manager to confirm tenders and contracts.

PMs should communicate with the homeowner as well. Also, with neighbours, suppliers of material, contractors, utilities providers, and building professionals such as structural engineers and warranty surveyors.

It will take a lot of commitment to do all this. A self-build can be a full time job for some people, while others may find it a fun hobby. Self-builders who are considering it should ask themselves how many skills they have and what you will need to do so.

All of these responsibilities require knowledge in finance and construction. This is why self-builders who take on the role can sometimes struggle.
What is the cost of hiring a project manger?

The cost to hire a professional to do the PM job can range from 5% to 8% of your overall budget. That could be as high as PS10,000. This is why many self-builders see this as a great place to reduce their budgets by managing their projects themselves. However, an experienced professional can help you save a lot.

Professional PMs are able to monitor the project’s finances and make sure it runs smoothly. A professional PM is able to plan the budget and understand what’s required to make the scheme work. They will have planned efficiently so that there are less chances of mistakes. Because they have more experience, they are better equipped to handle trades and notice if something isn’t done correctly before it becomes a big problem.

Consider whether the costs of hiring a qualified professional outweigh them. It will be difficult and costly to do this yourself.
Who can project manage my own build?

It could be you architect, your builder, a freelance PM, other construction professionals (e.g., a quantity surveyor, structural engineer, etc.). Every scheme is different so it’s important
To do your research and find the right professional to meet your specific needs,

You should look for someone with good local contacts and a track record of similar projects. This is especially important if you don’t live near your self-built home. It is important to consider the level of experience your potential project manager has.

For example, not all architects are experts in one-off build and there may be vast differences in the knowledge of each professional in relation to the construction phase. Architects tend to be more focused on the design, technical and contractual aspects of a build than on actually running a project.

Be prepared to take on the responsibility of project management if you do decide. You don’t want to give up and have to pay twice for your work. Don’t forget to give yourself enough time. Being late at night working on your project can be a difficult call. It can also cause stress in your relationships with family members and partners.

Based on our years of experience with claims made by self-builders, we believe that PMs are a necessity unless you feel confident in your abilities.

Consider whether the costs of hiring a qualified professional outweigh them. It will be difficult and costly to do this yourself.