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Where In Istanbul Should I Invest?

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Istanbul is one of the most desirable places to make investments whether you’re looking for residences for holiday, citizenship or rental investment. If you’re thinking of purchasing or investing in a home in Istanbul and you are thinking about where to invest or what are the most suitable areas to invest in, you will discover the answers to all your questions here in the article.

Introduction of the Zones

With Turkey particularly Istanbul, continually growing and changing with new developments, the number of the most desirable real estate market to invest in are growing. It is not uncommon to inquire about the best areas to invest in properties. Every investment location has its own strengths and profit opportunities. To gain a better understanding of the regions You can look up the most popular areas in Istanbul below.

Basaksehir – Bahcesehir

Basaksehir situated in the European side of Istanbul is one of the most sought-after areas to buy real estate, both for local and foreign investors. Modern buildings are built to the highest quality of living and health, social, cultural, and educational facilities that distinguish this investment zone. Additionally, this investment zone is the closest area to airports like the Istanbul Airport. With the large housing estates with recreation areas, Basaksehir-Bahcesehir is one of the best places to buy property in Istanbul.


The Basinexpress area, connecting E-5 as well as TEM Highway, is usually suitable for the Buy-and-Rent investment style, not for family homes. Basinexpress is renowned for its investment projects, such as apartments with hotels as their layout. The proximity of major shopping malls like the Mall of Istanbul, hospitals, and universities make the location of this area significant. Additionally, as the Basinexpress is situated close to Basaksehir Bahcesehir Bahcesehir, it makes its area more appealing.


Beylikduzu is situated in the European side of Istanbul is among the most beautiful areas in Istanbul’s outskirts, with lush green spaces and wide streets. Because of the distance from Beylikduzu in the city center and Istanbul city center, the Beylikduzu is the area with low-cost projects in Istanbul. Additionally, Beylikduzu is getting popular daily and has become one of the most searched locations for investors. There is an expected rise in the prices of real estate after the completion of metro lines.

Zeytinburnu – Coastal Line

The area is home to luxurious developments with sea views and perfect for luxurious living and not for investment. Zeytinburnu (Zeytinburnu) – Coastal Line is one of the most expensive and prestigious districts of Istanbul. Because of its advantageous location, it is one of the most sought-after locations for foreign investors.

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Taksim – Mecidiyekoy

Taksim Mecidiyekoy in the oldest district, has the highest priced projects. This neighborhood is home to hotel-themed luxurious residences. Taksim Mecidiyekoy Mecidiyekoy is a couple of minutes from the elite neighborhoods, such as Nisantasi or Etiler. Because this area is located in the middle of the city it is easily accessible from any area.

Maslak Maslak Levent – Kagithane

Maslak situated on the European side of Istanbul, is the center of investment and one of Istanbul’s biggest property development areas. It is one of the main commercial centers of Istanbul There are a lot of luxury residences as well as skyscrapers. Kagithane district also has gained popularity recently because of its close proximity with Maslak along with Levent. Maslak is the most famous for its housing complexes in addition to shopping malls.

Asian Side

Istanbul’s Asian side is home to a smaller populace than European part, while the Turkish citizens mostly favor their Asian side. Because of the new developments the real estate market has risen dramatically in recent times.

In the beginning, you need to determine why you want to buy an apartment? Does it have to be for living or to invest in? Then you can decide where are the best areas to purchase a property in Istanbul. All investment areas have different possibilities, and prices differ by district. Since Istanbul is the economic, cultural, and commercial heart of Turkey, there is a growing demand for Turkey’s real estate investment, whether it’s for acquiring Turkish Citizenship through property investment or investments. If you want to buy property to live in it is possible to search for districts on the European side, like Beyoglu, Sisli, Bakirkoy, Beylikduzu, Sariyer, and Fatih. As for areas on the Asian part, best areas to live can be found in Uskudar, Suadiye, Maltepe and Atasehir. However, if you are interested in buying property to invest in the best place to invest in on the European side is Taksim, Besiktas, Basaksehir, Beylikduzu, Basinekspress, and Maslak. In what’s on the Asian region, Kartal, Pendik, Cekmekoy, Atasehir, and Uskudar can be the best places to invest.

Benefits of Property Investment in Turkey. Benefits of Property Investment in Turkey

Turkey has seen significant growth in the development of mega-projects and investment in development in the last decade. Turkey has caught the attention of numerous investors from around the world with these advancements. In addition, the real estate sector is one of the most profitable investment fields in Turkey. There are many advantages to investing in property and investing in the real estate sector is always a viable option in Turkey. To summarize the benefits of investing in real estate in Turkey;

Due to the incentives for investment that the government offers this program offers great benefits for foreign investors.
Investors are eligible for Turkish citizenship when they earn at least 250K USD in property investment.
The investors have the option to sell the property again after three years and earn high income opportunities.
Lifestyle that is affordable, top-quality and high-end
The real estate industry benefits from the fast-growing economy

If you’re considering investing in Turkey and want to understand the reasons to invest in Istanbul contact our team.