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What is private student accommodation in Leicester?

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When it comes to selecting the right university accommodation, students have more accommodation options than they did in the past.

Leicester has the highest proportion of housing for students in the United States (alongside Exeter) with 1 out of 15 properties being designated as student-friendly. With so many options , it can be quite confusing. Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of student housing that is private that could help make your decision a bit simpler!

What is private student accommodation?

Private student housing (or rooms for private use) are not the same in the sense that they are usually built-for-purpose buildings where students can lease rooms in flats that are shared. This is distinct from student housing, where you may also lease a room inside a house with a landlord through an agent for letting. Private accommodations differ from University run sites. Universities will provide details about both University and privately owned alternatives.

What are the advantages?

If you’re a social butterfly staying in a private accommodation for students is a good option for you. Private student accommodation usually has an area in which residents and you are able to hang out with each other.

For parents who are concerned about security and safety It is important to keep in mind that, unlike private residences the private student accommodation is typically staffed. This means that you will have a staff on hand all hours of the day.

Private student accommodation typically provides excellent value in terms of value. Most often, you’ll have to pay agency charges on top of the deposit when renting a room through an individual landlord via a agency for letting; the typical fee for the nation is an astronomical PS208. When booking an accommodation that is private there are no upfront costs required.

A quick lookup on the forums on The Student Room will turn up many horror tales of landlords who have blunder and neglected maintenance of student housing problems. Instead of relying on your landlord for fixing problems , and sometimes having to wait for weeks to see the work taken care of, you should live in your own accommodations and inform the staff of any concerns and staff on site will go right back to work!

What are the pros and cons?

In some halls operated by universities residents aren’t given a choice of the hall they’ll be living with the moment they reserve. Some people are left with the luck of the draw who they find themselves living with and there’s not always a assurance that you’ll be living with your friends when you book in group. In recent times, private Leicester student accommodation has allowed students to choose their own rooms, which gives the students a little more control over the people you’re likely to live with.

In areas where student housing is common are not as noisy at night, the level of noise in student housing can be a concern in the event that you’re a light sleeper. It is usually because the building being located closer to campus, and thus attracting plenty of traffic at night. Of course, the friendly on-site staff will always attempt to deal with issues when they arise so you’ll feel secure knowing that security personnel is in the know.

In certain housing options, you may experience a loss of the freedom you normally enjoy in private accommodation. In the case of many college students, living in a housing unit is an experience of living in the real reality. On one the other hand, you may miss the opportunity to gain valuable experience dealing with bills along in a flat with your roommates. However could you opt to lower your the rent, with all expenses all paid?