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What Dining Table Is Right For Me?

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We believe that shopping for a new dining set should be an enjoyable and enjoyable experience. So should your first thought be “how do I choose an appropriate eating table?” then you’ve come to the right place. From different materials and shapes to financing options open to you when buying a dining table, our buying guide covers everything you need to know before making a decision. Take a look and get started on your search for a dining table in the right way: safe in the knowledge that you’ll be delighted with the purchase for many decades to be.

The importance of dining area in the home is crucial.

The place where you begin the day with your family in the morning over breakfast or you’d like to gather your friends to share one or two drinks, your dining room is one to be cherished. Your dining area could be your kitchen, or a designated corner of your living room, but regardless of what space you have, it should be used to its full potential. This is the reason our guide to dining tables comes in.

With the speeding pace of our lives, and the draws of social media and television is more essential than ever before to find the time to be with your loved ones at the table. Your dining room is the perfect location for this. It’s a place where you can make memories, remember holidays, and share stories about your day and more.

What should you consider when choosing the right dining table

Dining tables are an investment in itself We understand it is important to make the correct choice may be a bit overwhelming. From personal preferences to practicality there are numerous aspects to consider before you make your decision, this is the reason we’ve taken the time to address all the major areas in this guide to dining tables.

What size of dining table is the best for me?

It could seem fairly easy to measure your space and select the right dining table smaller than these measurements, but there’s a lot more to consider. Practically speaking it is important to ensure that there’s at a minimum of 90cm clearance around the table and a minimum 50-60cm of width for each table setting. If you’ve set an eye on an eating chair that’s large, like one with arms, then it will affect your decision as well make sure to compare measurements.

A common choice, 6 seatser dining tables are typically sufficient for the majority of families, perhaps with space for one or two guests. If you think this might be too large for you currently, a table for 4 people that can extend to accommodate 6 people might be the perfect choice. But if your dining room table seldom hosts more than two guests, you shouldn’t upgrade just for the sake of it.

If you’re working in space that’s large, it may be tempting to opt for the biggest dining table that you can however that’s not always an ideal choice. Although you’d like to maximize available space don’t want to crowd it up, so it’s essential to think about what else is in the room and how much floorspace you need. If you’re looking to furnish smaller spaces, like a kitchen-diner, be sure to look out for a narrow dining table with small legs to ensure you don’t add unnecessary inches. Alternatively, a table with a pedestal base will be far more efficient than traditional four legs. Additionally, the dining table that has a bench will maximize the area.

Our ultimate suggestion? If you’re not sure about the dimensions, then the best idea is to purchase an extendable dining table. Future self thank you for it.

What is the best material to make my table?

The answer is comprised of equally a mix of practicality as well as personal preferences. Let’s begin with the most popular contenders and their benefits…

Wooden dining table

The choice of finishes such as reclaimed wood, solid wood options, natural, comfortable, durable.

Stone or marble dining table

Elegant, timeless, a real focal point, unique appearance.

Concrete dining table

Low-maintenance, minimalist, modern.

Metal dining table

Sturdy, robust, easy to care for and also a bit different.

Glass dining table

The look is suitable for any room, opens up your space.

Whatever your taste in style there are plenty dinner tables are offered in a variety of colours, so you’re certain to find a color and material combination you like.

What dining table choices are there?

From considering the overall look of your dining space to contemplating practical aspects like cost and maintenance it’s beneficial to narrow your choices to the greatest extent possible due to the vast selection of dining tables available on the market.

Apart from the dimensions and the material, your most important considerations when selecting a dining table are:

Expandable or fixed: e.G. Hidden leaf, drop leaf flip top, folding.
Shape: Rectangular Round, square, oval or unusual e.G. Hexagon.
Color: light wood darker woods, dark white black, grey, coloured, transparent or metallic.

Fixed or extendable – extendable dining tables aren’t only for accommodating additional guests. They can also work well when you’re serving a more lavish dining experience where guests are able to help themselves to various meals, or when you’re using the table for different tasks like working, wrapping presents, or folding laundry.

For larger spaces Oval dining tables gives you the same sociable aspect of a round table, but with a little more length. Creating a lovely elegant shape and allowing room for more guests, they quickly become a focal point and helps to center the room. If you’re looking for something bit different you might like the unique dining table that is in the shape of an octagon, hexagon or hexagon.

What kind of dining table is best for a small area?

Many kitchens that have dining areas have tables of a rectangular shape that can be set against the wall to conserve space, but it can also be removed when more seats are needed. Round kitchen tables are also a preferred option, giving an extra space when accommodating guests because of the absence of corners. Dining tables that are square are perfect for placing in the corner when you only two diners regularly.

What color should my dining table have?

If it’s about colour there are plenty of choices, so the most effective place to start is with your existing or future colour scheme.

A white, grey or black dining table can fit in with most dining spaces which is why they are ideal choices for those who are frequently changing the decor. Wood is the most classic and natural option, but there are many colors of finishes, stains and stains that you can consider, ranging from oak to walnut. For more bold choices You can also find coloured dining tables, including blue and red, while metallic finishes like brass are becoming more popular lately. Too indecisive? A glass table doesn’t need to be thought about in terms of the color.

What are the different kinds of dining tables?

The design of dining tables is constantly evolving, and you’ve now many different styles to pick from. From the kind of legs and the finishes to the finer things like edge of tabletops, each part is a part of an unique design that will be perfect for your dining area.

For your convenience, our guide to dining table styles will provide the top styles available in the marketplace:

Traditional – smooth finish, often a more inexpensive option. Four legs and an apron.

Rustic farmhouse with country-inspired styles Trestle bases, painted or natural wood big proportions.

Industrial – characterized by rugged recycled woods, metal elements, black finishes, concrete big legs, lively edges.

Modern homes usually have sleek lines, but may also include glass or high gloss designs, geometric shapes and splayed legs.

Gorgeous statement pieces, typically marble, perhaps with metallic accents, or with distinctive bases.

Scandi offers simplicity and function. Defined by slim leg and minimalist appearance. Usually , it is made from light wood.

How do I make the best out of my dining table?

To get the most out of your dining table it’s essential that your dining space is comfortable and inviting. If you anticipate spending long hours at your table, perhaps working from home, then chairs that are padded should be considered. Having enough space around the table without overflowing with bric-abrac will help you spend more your time there, and the ambient lighting and decor will create an inviting scene.

Making sure your table is properly maintained is another crucial step to getting the most value from your dining table You can read more about that in the next article. Consider investing in high-end tableware , such as tablecloths trivets, and placemats to keep your dining table looking great in order to create something you’ll always love to show off.

What are the best ways to decorate my dining table?

What you prefer to put on the dining area table can be a factor in your purchase. For instance, a glamorous table set-up that includes chrome vases crystal and tableware will go well with an elegant marble or gloss table. On the other hand in the same spectrum is a more pared-back minimal look could benefit from a sleek concrete table, while reclaimed wooden dining tables are a great match to rustic, industrial designs decorated with metal and plants.

The size of your dining room table is important. If you believe the concept of less being more then your selection of furniture shouldn’t have an effect on the size or shape of the table. However, for those who have an eye for style, a larger surface space is likely to be an important consideration.

What can I do to look after the table I eat at?

This will depend on the material and the surface however, there are general guidelines to caring for any modern dining table. We suggest you clean up spills immediately Avoid dragging things across the table top, and use appropriate protection between the table’s surface table and anything that’s set on it, like laptops, plates and toys as well as other items that are decorative.

The best way to ensure that you keep your dining table in excellent condition is to really understand the material you’re signing to before purchasing. Some are easier to maintain in comparison to others, such as ceramic, while others require some extra attention, such as a natural marble or rustic wooden dining table.

Other elements that might need to be considered in particular include:

Exposure to sunlight as well as temperature fluctuations.
How to safely lift and move your dining table.
If your table requires frequent renewal of wax.

Overall, looking after your dining table is certainly worth the effort We’re certain that If you’ve taken the time and effort required to find the ideal one, you’ll surely want to look after it with care. There’s more information on how to take care of the table you’ve chosen here. To ensure assurance, you’ve got the option of adding protection plans to the purchase to ensure you’re covered in case any accidental damage is caused.

What’s next?

Once you’ve chosen your dining space and you’re ready to build the perfect dining area. From designing your table, to adding comfortable chairs, you have many ways to update or remodel this room in your home.

Mix and match your dining chairs for an eclectic vibe or keep things rustic with wooden benches that will accommodate all the family members. Protect your wooden floors with big rugs under the table. You can then embellish the walls with bright artwork, abstract canvases, or a statement mirror.

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When it comes to lighting, you want to make sure that you choose a light that can create an inviting atmosphere. You’ll be sitting at the table most evenings in the end. Select a pendant light that is perfectly floating above the table, or even a couple of wall lights to create a retro-inspired style.