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Unique Benefits of Floor Tiles

We all know the basic advantages of tile flooring, such as high durability and low maintenance. However, there are other advantages you should know about that may not be as obvious.

What are those unique benefits you don’t get from laminate or carpet? Look through the list below to get a whole new glimpse of the advantages of tile flooring.

1 Make sure to Save the Environment

Tiles are available in a variety of different materials and all of them have different environmentally friendly features. Tiles made of porcelain and ceramic are easy to make from clay which is a renewable resource. However, even quarried stone can make an excellent environmentally-friendly choice since new technologies have allowed those quarries to be reclaimed much faster, preventing and reducing damage to the environment. Stone tile can be recycled and lasts for a long time. Limestone when it is conscientiously extracted, could be classified as a sustainable resource too.

2 Install When Water Will Be In Close proximity

Carpeting isn’t designed to withstand humid environments like stone or ceramic tile. But, even laminates may suffer from warping issues when they are exposed to constant water. The porous stones such as limestone, can handle water , but they aren’t so slippery when wet like tiles made from marble, but both work well in humid environments. They won’t degrade just because they are wet. This is why tiled kitchens and bathrooms, since there is a higher chance that spills can happen.

3 Improve Your Indoor Air Quality Higher

Carpet fibers can hide lots of dirt and pollen. They also are difficult to keep tidy. Laminates, though easy to clean can be a hassle to maintain, they’re also made of synthetic materials that off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can pollute indoor air. If you suffer from asthma, natural tile floors are necessary to maintain good indoor air quality. Not only are they simpler to clean and maintain, they also don’t discharge gas like other materials. Floor tiles Leicester are very effective on the entryways that allow people to get in dirt and allergens frequently.

4 Eliminate the Need for Indoor Cooling

Tiles, particularly stone tiles are more comfortable than carpet and laminate. In hot climates, tile floors are an appealing option due to their ability to maintain cooler temperatures within the house. Ceiling tiles and fans provide a relaxing environment when other homes might need to rely on costly air conditioning, particularly in the case of carpeting which is known to warm a flooring.

5 Use with Radiant Floor Heating

If you live in a colder climate, tiles can still be the ideal option when they are paired with radiant floor heating. So you can enjoy the most beneficial of both worlds cooling in summer and warmer in winter. While you can put radiant floor heating underneath laminate flooring it is much more difficult to ruin the flooring in this manner because laminate flooring isn’t as resistant as ceramic or stone. Therefore, stone and ceramic tiles are more effective when they release moisture. They also do a great job in retaining heat and transmitting it longer than laminates and even after the system is turned off. Imagine the joy of sitting down on the bathroom tile floor, and having radiant flooring beneath.

6 Get a Unique Look

Carpets and laminates look like generic when it comes to design. You can find laminates that look like wood or even mimic tile designs, but they’ll never be able to give you the unique appearance of a custom-designed tile. It is possible to cut tiles according to the specifications of your preference and laid out in various patterns to create breathtaking masterpieces. Many other flooring options lack the flexibility and high-quality that tile offers that creates gorgeous designs. In many cases it is not necessary to have fancy cuts to achieve a unique look. For example, marble tiles look different in each home because the colors and veins are distinctive to every tile. If you are looking for a truly unique style, go with stones because no two are quite identical, even when the pattern is repetitive.

7 Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Buyers looking for a new home will often ignore homes with flooring that is poor. However most home buyers are willing to pay a premium for good flooring, that they think of as flooring made of wood or tiles. They look better, but they tend to be considered to be more hygiene-friendly options, as they can be easily cleaned and maintained. If you have tile flooring installed in your home, you can bump up the resale value and also recoup some of the expenses of installation when you sell your home. It is unlikely to occur if your home is fitted with carpeting. Although laminates are generally regarded as more attractive however, have a shorter lifespan than tiles , and therefore won’t raise the resale value in the same way as a more durable material like tiles made from stone. Enhance the value of the resale by remodeling the kitchen with tiles.

Benefits That Go Beyond the Ordinary

Do not forget that these are the benefits that many people do not think about when thinking about tile flooring. I did not even mention the typical benefits of having a very durable long-lasting and easy to clean flooring. If you’re looking for something unique it is worth adding tile flooring to your home. The advantages of flooring made of tiles are clear. When you want a high quality beautiful and unique floor that can withstand exposure to water, is environmentally-friendly, and natural, the choice is obvious: tiles. Add to that the fact that they can make a space more comfortable or cooler (if you use radiant heat) and improve the value of your home, and there’s no question. In comparison to carpets or laminates tiles prevail every time.