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The Lesser Known Composite Door Benefits

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We’re certain you’ll be able to agree that first impressions do are important and your front door isn’t an exception to this rule. Since it’s the first thing that visitors and potential buyers will be seeing they should be able to see a feature that is beautiful and stylish, as well as secure elements that are foolproof.

Below are five benefits of switching to a composite door.

1. Unbreakable Security

Our composite door range may be constructed using a solid 48mm wood or an insulating polyurethane core. In contrast to uPVC doors, the two models’ are multi-layered and yet strong. durable and built to last. With an outer layer composed of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) Our unique combination of wood and uPVC can be a threat to attackers from the start. We also provide an industry-leading cylinder lock upgrade for additional security that’s unmatched.

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2. Value in exchange for money

It is a good idea to choose the top! Composite doors are different from other doors, so be prepared to pay a little more than an standard uPVC door. Our composite doors will not be warped, rot, fade or scratch and require minimal maintenance. In conjunction with the BS6375-approved weather resistance and our 10-year warranty that gives you assurance the door you purchase will appear the best for many decades to remain.

Thermally efficient

Low U-values as well as ‘A’ Energy efficiency ratings are used as standard. The less the U-value is higher, the more effective material works as a heat insulation. An upgrade option of the insulation core made of foam and airtight fitting gives the most efficient thermal retention capabilities throughout. Why not upgrade your home with the highest efficiency in energy use, to enjoy all-year-round peace and comfort?

4. Always on-Trend

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends in home decor with a door made of composite. No matter if you’re seeking a classic or contemporary design Our charming custom-built composites will be an unforgettable door for generations to come!

5. Unique as You!

Our vast color and glazing palettes are suitable for every home and individual preference. If you’re looking to make a statement with our awe-inspiring mix of shades and tones available or go for traditional style We’re there for your every step of the process! We’ll even take care of your interior style by providing a variety of colors on both sides of your panel.