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Hiring a man with van in London

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Do you want to cut costs on your house move? Why not hire a man with a van. Here are some questions to ask.
Moving house can be expensive. You might think hiring a “man with a van” to move your belongings is the best option.

It is essential to get all details about the service that a man with van will provide. The man with a van will move everything you own. You need to feel confident that your belongings will arrive in good condition and that there are no hidden fees.

Before you hire a man with van London to move your belongings, here are the questions we recommend you ask.

Request a quote for your house move

Is it a fixed price? Ask if the price that your man with a van quoted you is a fixed price that will not increase after you pay for your house move. You should be aware of any extra costs such as petrol prices or waiting times.

How much will I be charged? How much will my move cost? It is important to know whether your move will be charged per hour or by the day. Delays could impact the cost of moving your items. You might experience delays due to traffic issues or waiting for your keys.
Do they have the right to inspect my belongings? Pre-move surveys are important to ensure that you get the best vehicle and team for your moving day. The pre-move survey will inform the man with a van of the items that need to be transported to your new home. It will also flag any items that require special equipment (e.g. pianos).


What type of vehicle will you use? A pre-move survey by your man with a van will help you to feel more confident about your movers arriving with the right vehicle. Overloaded vehicles may be pulled by VOSA and impounded. It is also important to make sure your van is in good shape.

How many trips will it take to move the house? This will depend on the size of your vehicle. Although it might not be difficult to move locally, you should make sure the quote considers this. You shouldn’t do this if your move is over a long distance.

Moving Team

How many people are needed to help me move? You may need to hire a team of people to help you move large items.

Do you expect uniformed moving crews? It’s important to feel comfortable with your moving team. They will be handling your items in your home. A uniform helps you know that they are representing the company.

Will I be required to lift the van? Your man with a Van team may only have one member. To ensure that the day goes according to plan, you might need to help unload and load the van. Ask your movers about this and you may find it easier to ask friends or family for help.

Equipment and other services

Protective covers will be used? Professional removalists will use special equipment to ensure that your items are safe during your move. Find out what the man with a van has and whether it will be used to move your home.

Do you provide packing boxes? To be able to gather or buy your own, you’ll need to find out this information in advance.

Are you able to organize parking permits? You will need to arrange parking permits for your removal vehicle if you are moving into an area with restrictions on parking. You can find out if your man with the van will help arrange parking permits.

Information about your company

Can you show me your insurance? You will need to see the removals insurance your van driver has in order to cover your house move. While many home insurance policies will cover any damage or loss caused by a move, it is not available if you hire a professional.

Have you received any customer reviews? It’s a good idea to ask for feedback from customers who have used the same man with a van company as you to decide which company you should use and whether the move will be a success.