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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Van Locks?

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Did you know that you can buy van keys from websites such as e-Bay which are easily programmed to unlock your vehicle? In addition, sophisticated fraudsters employ cloning techniques to “catch” the codes generated by electronic keys, and easily duplicate the signal later on in order to access your automobile whenever they wish. Once they’ve gained access, it’s not hard to create a brand new electronic key by using transponder cloning devices. This is definitely a concern but one way that to fight back and make sure your business remains safe in your possession is to put in a fresh locks for van in order to stop this kind of crime.

Advantages to Van Locks

Installing aftermarket locks on your vehicle is a certain solution to enhance the security of your vehicle. Not just by making it harder to be taken, but also providing an appearance of deterrence to prospective thieves that your vehicle is protected and won’t be a straightforward task.

The usual scenario in van-related theft is that the vehicle isn’t a look like a target for a swat and is likely to have valuable things, e.g. tools to trade or for transportation.

The most commonly used method to gain entry into the vehicle is through brute force, which is simply on the locks and smashing them until they are broken. Many vans are invulnerable to this kind of attack because they have typical and basic types of locks which are supplied by the manufacturer.

Another method of getting the van’s entry without authorization is to open the lock. However, since the majority of locks have springs, it is possible to use this method for vans too. The most effective way to stop this is to put in an additional lock like deadlocks that can’t be taken.

Van Locks are of various types. Locks

There are a variety of security locks that you can install in commercial vehicle, including deadlocks and slam locks. These represent two well-known choices that offer a high degree of security. With a deadlock installed and slam lock, you can leave your van in peace knowing that you’ll be safe in the event of your absence.

Slamlocks are great for other reasons particularly if you’re providing deliveries and must deliver multiple deliveries frequently. If this kind of lock is installed it is necessary to open the doors each when it’s closed and it is the ideal option for couriers who are on time or multi-drop delivery drivers.

Who is the best fit for them?

To install these locks, they need to be installed and tested by a professional auto locksmith expert who can inform you on the different locks available and make sure the lock is compatible with the type of van. This will ensure that the lock is perfect to the particular vehicle, something that our team is specialized in.

Is it time to upgrade the Van Locks?

Contact us today and let us know what we can do to assist you. If you’re worried about security of your vehicle and would like to provide an additional degree of security to your van, we’ve got the best solution for you. All you need to do is reach us now to discuss the lock you want for your van or to get more information.