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Ceramic Coating Advantages And Disadvantages

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If you recently bought a brand new car off the road or you appreciate keeping the beauty of your old car in top shape it is possible that you should consider a new and better way to keep the exterior of your car looking great for long time to come.

Although car wax is widely used by car owners to enhance the overall appearance of their vehicles however, it doesn’t provide any protection for the paint. Most cars also come with clear coats that help in maintaining the paint. This coating does not guard against damage that is caused by specific elements of the outside environment for instance, ultraviolet rays from the sun and acid rain or bird droppings.

If you want to protect the surface of your car, consider buying a ceramic coating product. Our team consists of experts in the field of paint protection films and ceramic coatings for automobiles and we’re eager to talk about all your options for nano-ceramic coating as well as the many benefits it will provide.

What are ceramic Coatings to Paint Your Car?

For starters, let us define ceramic coating and how it affects the paint of your car. Once you have applied a glaze of ceramic to your car, you are applying the nanoscopic treatment (typically made of silicon dioxide or titanium dioxide) that is applied as liquid and hardens to form a layer.

The chemical components of the coatings bond to the paint, resulting in the property of hydrophobic, which is very beneficial in protecting the entire car. Nano ceramic coatings have several advantages over other coatings as well as relying solely on the clear coat that is provided by the manufacturer for your car’s paint.

The Top 5 Benefits of Ceramic Coatings for Your Car’s Paint Job

The most commonly asked questions concerns the benefits of having a coating made of ceramic for your car. We understand that this, as with paint protection film, is a major investment, and our experts are more than happy to explain the benefits of ceramic coating:

1. Protection from UV Rays

The sun’s damaging UV rays could have a detrimental effect on your vehicle’s paint surfaces. Because the car is constantly exposed to these harmful rays (unless it is kept in garages) it is essential that the paint be shielded from the harmful consequences. When a vehicle is exposed to the sun, it can cause fading, oxidation, and peeling when it is properly installed. A professionally-installed ceramic coating will provide the protection that you require to stop these horrendous occurrences.

2. Resistance to Corrosion

Various substances that your vehicle may be exposed to can cause corrosion, especially if the paint was not covered with a layer of ceramic coating as well as a paint protector film. Corrosion is nearly impossible to repair without replacing the entire panel or repainting the car. This means that you’ll need to sacrifice the value of the car’s original paint and reduce its overall value. Put on a ceramic coat to serve as the sacrifice layer.

3. Easy Cleaning of the Car’s Surface

Due to the ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties which makes it possible to keep your car cleaner for longer, particularly with regards to swirl marks and tree sap of a industrial car wash. You will also not need to wash your car as often as you might without the protective coating. However, you must wash it every week to keep the coating in good condition.

4. Cost Effectiveness

It is necessary to make a one-time investment in the car’s ceramic coating, but it will be far less expensive over regular color correction or, in the worst case the replacement of a part on the vehicle. It is possible to drive through Sioux Falls, South Dakota, without worrying about rock chips, road debris or road grime which can harm the paint of your vehicle.

5. Maintenance Clear Coat and Aesthetics Appeal

Every car owner wants appear attractive in their car and the ceramic coating can help you maintain the appeal of your investment. If you purchase a car to impress, you must ensure that it is maintained properly.

What if I could just buy a homemade ceramic Coating Kit instead of investing in a professional?

While DIY (Do It Yourself) ceramic coating kits exist, they are available, we do not recommend them. Applying the nano-coating requires professional capabilities and skills, which is not possible to gain through watching a video on how-to or reading the instructions that come with the kit.

If you decide to make use of DIY kits, it’s critical that you understand the implications of a poor coating application. You’ll be unable to benefit from the benefits of the ceramic coating, and it may cause damage to your car. If in doubt, you should entrust one of your greatest investment (your car) to the professionals like Phantom Detailing’s highly skilled and well-trained technicians.

Contact our ceramic coating Lincoln experts

You should consider investing in a ceramic coatings (also known as paint protection film) if need to shield your vehicle or its surface from the numerous harsh elements found in the outside. Since paint for cars isn’t as durable and durable as it once was, car owners must make use of the numerous benefits of these products.

Contact us today to get more details on our ceramic coating packages or to book an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians. We’ll gladly discuss all your options with you and offer the best suggestions for your car according to your usual driving habits.