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Cat Trees Can Help Keep the Peace

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Cat trees aren’t only an extravagant gift for a cat’s guardian and is actually an effective feature to have in the indoor area. Humans are in a horizontal space, however cats reside in a vertical space and depend on elevated spaces for security as well as exercise, comfort and enjoyment. If you’ve needed to rescue your cat off the highest point of your bookcase or refrigerator, you’ll know the pleasure she gets from having the highest perch that she can find.

Cat Trees Can Help Maintain the Peace

In a multicat home Vertical territory can be a great way to keep peace since the top cat may be able to claim the highest perch to display the status of her. In the event that two cats could have been engaged in physical combat The availability of a higher perch could let the more powerful cat show her status by climbing to the top instead of fighting physically. It is often an opportunity to keep peace in the case of multiple cats.

Security for Timid Cats

If you have a scared or shy cat A cat tree could be a safe place where she can remain free of the elements and still feel a sense security. If she’s sitting on a high perch, she’s able to perceive her surroundings and is able to see more clearly the warning of any opponent who is advancing. It can also offer the cat with a sense of security and it’s possible to remain in the room more often rather than escape beneath a bed or behind furniture. The tree can become a spot that is solely hers since it isn’t scented with the same smells like a chair or sofa could be surrounded by.

Sharing is easy with Cat Trees

A tree with multiple perches allows multiple cats to be in close proximity while preserving the arrangement of the pecking order. Three or more cats living in the house, that wouldn’t normally sit on the ledge of a window in peace, can all sit on a perch to watch the birds outside. Each cat keeps their individual status and is safe being within close proximity to one another.

Cat trees can fulfill many purposes for your cat too. It is not just an ideal place to sit and rest, the posts may double for scratching post. Cat trees can be found with sisal covering the posts (cats are fond of sisal) or even unfinished wood. If you already have a tree with support posts with carpeting, you can wrap them in rope to provide additional scratching opportunities that your feline can enjoy. Make sure that the rope isn’t treated.

Searching for an Cat Tree

When choosing the perfect cat tree, you should keep your cat’s size and character in your thoughts. If you have a big cat, you shouldn’t pick trees with small perches that are flat or your cat will be hanging above the perch, which could make her feel at risk of being attacked. Pick a tree with perches that are of the right size. Perches that have an “U” form are excellent since the cat can lie down his back on the perch. Cats are more comfortable with their back against something.

There are a variety of cat trees available. They are available at your local pet products shop as well as on the internet. Prices can vary based on what you’re looking for, whether it’s a basic tree or a more elaborate one. The most important factor for your cat will be the durability, height, and the comfort and stability of your tree. If the tree is wobbly when your cat jumps onto a perch from the floor, she’ll steer clear of the tree, and you’ll be wasting your money. After three months of age these tiny cat condominiums cost a lot money. They’re not tall enough, and cats quickly outgrow the capacity to fit inside the small enclosure. Apartments with enclosures limit the cat’s escape options also. In a family with multiple cats it is essential to be able to provide prior warning of a potential adversary approaching is crucial, as is the possibility of escape the other way.

Where do you put the cat Tree

The location of the cat tree could affect the way it is utilized. The best idea is to place the tree next to an opening so that the cat can see the happenings in the outside. If you wish for your cat to stay in the space where family members gather then place the tree there. It isn’t a good idea to let your cat spend most of her time in the upstairs bedroom under her tree, when the family is spending most of their evening in the family room each night.

The Cat’s Private Space

A cat tree could provide security for cats that lives with children or dogs. If she is afraid or doesn’t want to engage, she’s free to get away to her favorite perch. It’s important to teach your dog to know that the cat tree is not to be used. Instruct your children that if kitty is sitting in her cat tree, it’s because she is looking to be at home.

If you’re dealing with a shy cat, or are suffering from problems with multiple cats or are looking to add more enrichment for the environment of your cat, consider including a cat tree in the surroundings.