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Are Part Worn Tyres Safe?

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In these times of financial stress it’s easy to understand why motorists are looking to cut costs in car maintenance. One option is to purchase used tyres instead new ones.

The law in the UK on Part-Worn Tyres

In the case of parts worn tyres, whether buying or selling them isn’t illegal, according to the body that regulates the market TyreSafe estimates that about 5.5 millions used tyres are offered for sale in the UK each year. They are legally bound to meet and comply with certain strict rules which means that second-hand tyres are in good shape and are inspected for large cuts, bulges and other visible damages, and also for the internal structure and cords evident. They must be able to have at least 2 millimetres of tread across the length and circumference. They should also be to be permanently and clearly labeled as “part worn” and this must be displayed in bold letters, at minimum 4 millimetres in height on the sidewalls of the tyre.

These rules appear easy to follow, many worn tyre dealers will be recognized to be in compliance however if you’re contemplating buying a brand-new pair of used tyres we recommend that you check sure you know where you’re buying they are from and that they meet all the legally required regulations. It is also important to keep in mind that if the tyres you purchase don’t meet the minimum standards there is a chance of an accident that is very serious.

The Benefits of Part-Worn Tyres

A second-hand car , but taking the time to not replace the tyres is similar to purchasing second-hand tyres. A lot of people have done it and not know where the tyres came from and what their background is.

In some instances, part worn tyres were shipped across from Germany The legal minimum tread is 3mm in Germany however in the UK it’s 1.6mm which means that a worn tyre brought over from Germany will have a lot more tread remaining and could be able to cover a few thousand miles.

The main benefit of buying used tyres is that these are much cheaper than new tyres. Additionally, if you purchase a set used rubber, you’ll be able purchase better quality tyres from the top brands, as opposed to cheap tyres made by manufacturers you’ve not ever heard of.

One of the major benefits of buying used tyres is that they cost less than purchasing original tyres. Furthermore, when you purchase a set of used rubber, you’ll be able purchase premium tyres made by larger brand names, as opposed to cheap tyres made by manufacturers you’ve not had the pleasure of hearing about.

Advantages of Part-worn Tyres

Safety, it’s a simple thing when someone has taken the tyres in their vehicle, they have done it because they believe they are not safe anymore. If these tyres aren’t enough to be used by another driver, do they fit your vehicle and you?

Since they are less tread than an entirely new tyre parts worn tyres provide less grip, particularly when they are wet. This means that your vehicle will be less able to withstand the road and also less cornering grip and brake grip.

It’s also important to know that second hand tyres don’t be as durable as brand new tyres. You’ll need replenish them more frequently and your savings will be less significant as they appear initially. New tyres could have treads as wide as 8mm, while worn tyres can last for about a hundred miles, which means they’ll require replacement rapidly.


In the past, remoulded tyres as well as recycled tyres were common, they are now allowed in the UK however they must adhere to strict rules. If they’ve been produced with care, they’re not significantly more dangerous than new tyres. Retreading tyres requires removing the tread and sidewall of a used tyre. The tyre’s structure needs to be in good order and new rubber will need to be put on the carcass. Cheap tyres from Far East have also become more frequent, but recycled tyres are far more sought-after.

Should I purchase Part Worn Tyres?

If it is 100% proven that the worn tyres are secure and comply with all rules and regulations There’s no reason not to. However, this isn’t always the situation, and the fact is that if there’s an area of maintenance that isn’t worth sacrificing and save money, it’s the area of the car that comes in contact with the road, and that’s the tyres.

Pirelli UK, a global tyre firm. Pirelli UK, states that it is essential that all worn tyres are thoroughly checked both inside and out. Tyres with structural problems shouldn’t be offered for sale.

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