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Pros and Cons of different wedding venues

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The general effect of your wedding is dependent on the venue you choose. This’s since the pick of yours of location impacts the design, decor, other aspects and lighting of your wedding day. It actually affects your dress choice to a great level. Hence, the venue choice is not a person to take lightly. Actually, it’s among the very first wedding planning decisions that each couple should make.

From interior venues as barns, banquet halls and castles to outdoor venues as gardens and beaches, there’s lots of choices to select from. Nevertheless, there are plenty of factors to consider when selecting a wedding venue West Midlands. These include the following

The budget of yours
Expected amount of guests
Accessibilty of location
Desired wedding theme
Design of wedding
Climate at time of wedding

While these factors are essential, this list is not exhaustive. You will find several more areas that you’ve to consider when selecting the venue.

Do not worry if you’re confused or overwhelmed by this particular. Thankfully, we’ve a simple way to support you narrow down the choices of yours to the appropriate venue type on your wedding!

Check out our wish list of cons and pros for the various venue types. This can assist you weigh each and every choice against the others and also eliminate or even short list the suggested venue type. This should enable you to recognize the ideal venue for the circumstances of yours. Therefore, help us check out the most widely used venue types one by a single.

Hotels/Banquet halls

Hotels and resorts are extremely well-known wedding locations, since these venues are prepared to cope with incidents from this weighing machine. Additionally they have facilities for food and accommodation, which is fantastic if you’ve a selection of outstation guests. Allow me to share the advantages and disadvantages of picking a hotel or even resort as the wedding venue of yours.


Staff have experience hosting functions from this weighing machine. As a result, many of the day is going to progress smoothly.
On-site caterers make menu planning a breeze. You don’t have to care about the strategies of transporting food from an additional place, setting it up or maybe the service.
The venue is certain to have classy decor and good interiors to complement. You are able to enhance it with the own choice of yours of decorations.
You don’t need to be concerned about parking, seating or maybe bathroom facilities on site.
They’ve areas that you are able to apply for getting dressed at. Helps save you the difficulty of driving to the venue after getting dressed at home and at another place.


Almost all hotels provide standard packages, plus you might don’t have a lot of flexibility or even need to spend more to modify changes in your specific liking.

You might need to make use of the hotel’s entertainment and vendors for the occasion. This might limit the options of yours and you might not be permitted to pull in liquor or nutrition from outside.

Hotels are quite costly, as you’ve to opt for the packages they’ve.

Good hotels are booked fast, and since many of them host just one wedding each day you may need to make your choice quite early.

Country Club/Garden venue

Lots of country clubs have choices for both outdoor and indoor events, enabling you to enjoy the very best of both. There’s also a serene and romantic charm to such ways. Allow me to share the advantages and disadvantages of selecting such venues for your wedding day.


They’ve ample space to accommodate a big visitor count. They’ll additionally have shaded outdoor seating areas, cozy indoor relaxing areas and picturesque places.

You’ve the freedom of using both outdoor and indoor spaces. Thus, you can have the ceremony of yours in the grounds of theirs, and the reception inside.

The food is generally fantastic at country clubs. They might additionally enable you to make your own personal caterer or maybe baker, on prior agreement.

Country clubs generally have well maintained grounds, garden areas and stunning interior decor which allow for incredible pictures.


The venue is generally pricey. Also a country clubs want you to possess a program to avail of the amenities. You are going to have to look into this factor when selecting this venue.

Since country clubs have a selection of event spaces, yours might not be the one event on the morning. This means there could be outsiders sharing the same amenities and room.


The beach is a premier wedding destination for couples that would like a relaxed, memorable and intimate wedding. From beaches which are closer to family home to anyone in the unusual tropics, couples flock to beaches for the distinctive ambiance they offer. Here’s what you must understand before you’ve your wedding at such an area.


Unique feel and unmatched ambiance of the outdoors. Exciting and romantic venue which is exciting and makes for incredible memories

Destination beach weddings let you customize your wedding ceremony to a fixed budget as well as invite the you truly need at your wedding party

Setting allows you to select casual and comfortable attire, in case you are not fond of regular wedding gowns.

Amazing wedding pictures are assured, since the venue will likely be bathed in light that is natural and is fun


You want a Plan B in case the temperature throws up undesirable surprises like a drizzle or maybe weighty winds.

Destination beach weddings are not simple since you’ll be making long distance plans and cannot oversee every detail.

Unless it’s a private beach, outsiders might invade the wedding venue of yours and also have the pictures of yours.