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Chinos – how, when and where to wear them?

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Chinos You’re probably aware that the term “chinos” is used to describe pants. But how, when , and what to wear they? What are the reasons you should wear them – or more? Let’s dig into the nitty gritty of this.

The first thing to consider is, what are chinos for men?

Philippines the 19th century. The troops fighting in the 19th century in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War have their uniforms composed of the light twill fabric of cotton (you may recognize this particular weave as denim) and a material that comes from China called”chino”, Spanish which means “Chinese”.

More than 120 years before, jeans weren’t just practical in hot climates, but they were also affordable. Since a lot of essentials for pants for men at the time were omitted which saved a huge volume of cloth. Chino pants were not pleated and were cut quite thin and had a few pockets, if any. Chinos were so popular that American soldiers brought them back following they had fought in the Second World War and simply continued to wear them during their leisure time. The comfy cotton trousers would soon to be found everywhere on campus particularly on The Ivy League school along the East Coast. Even to this day, if you speak of “preppy” is a reference to about chinos.

Why is chinos the must-have item for males?

But, it is not right to just think of chinos as an American East Coast college style. They’re what’s known as the Swiss Army Knife of trousers. Anyone who has one recognizes that chinos are right for office wear and for evening gatherings – and the majority of men prefer them for weekend, too. In the end, they’re stylish enough to be worn with a business casual style of dress, but casual enough that they’re ideal for weekend excursions too. Chinos are timeless and minimalist and thus a true style character – based on the way you style them, they’ll change to suit the environment in which they are.

What to wear with chinos in the office

If you aren’t required to adhere to an unwritten fashion code for dress, jeans should be the best option for any job. Choose a few classics in shades such as the light blue, deep brown black or anthracite . You don’t have to worry about what you’ll wear to work in the morning. You can pair your chinos with a high-end shirt, such as the Classic Shirt. What better way to show off your style than an embroidered pattern? You can’t get a better look than traditional stripes. With simple, neutral pants or a blazer, you can also try subtle floral prints and showcase your style. To create a sophisticated style choose the blazer or a slim-fit top-quality sweater.

What should you wear to work

It’s time to end the day, or maybe you’re headed off for the weekend or perhaps on taking a trip. There’s no reason to change your clothes. Chinos are a great choice for those who want to get the most of your time off However, ensure that you’ve got some exercise. In the end, you do not want to miss a informal soccer game on the field, a cycling ride, or even a big pizza for an evening on a Saturday.

When it comes to pairings, you can do anything. There’s no outfit that doesn’t look great with Chinos. If you’re looking for a warmer day, pick an t-shirt or a stylish short-sleeved shirt to match. What about comfort? In chinos, your hoodie is sure for impressing your mom-in-law. In the case of mothers-in-law, A shirt that has 360 deg stretch will give you the best comfort during long meals, and you’ll never miss your tracksuit for even a second.

And what about the shoes?

Chinos are an obvious choice and can be worn with any shoes. They’ll always look distinct, based on whether you wear them with traditional leather shoes, contemporary Chelsea boots or even your favourite sneakers. They’re the ideal blank canvas to highlight your shoes to draw attention to your footwear, if you’re looking for that.