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What is vaping?

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What is the difference between vaping and smoking cigarettes?

Vaping is distinct from smoking, where tobacco is burned to create leaf to create smoke. Both smoking and vaping offer nicotine, however, it’s the burning process of tobacco that is the cause all the damage. Vaping however, is not entirely harmless.

How do you know what’s inside vape juice?

A vape liquid (also known as electronic liquid) typically has propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine along with flavours and nicotine.

Propylene glycol produces an euphoria in the throat that is similar to smoking.

A higher percentage of vegetable glycerine provides more vapour.

The flavours can be added to suit individual preference. The flavours should be water-soluble.

What is a vape gadget?

These devices can be referred as electronic cigarettes. There are two kinds that both require charging

Discreet pod or pen devices are mouth-to-lung devices. The pod devices come with a battery and an e-liquid cartridge that is disposable. Pen devices come with an internal battery as well as a tank which refills with liquid, as well as a coil to heat the vapour.

The more complex tank designs are direct-to-lung systems and they are the ones that are able to create huge clouds.

Vaping can help smokers

Vaping can aid smokers in quitting by providing nicotine. Vaping is healthier than smoking cigarettes for smokers. Vape only to stop smoking. A note about smoking devices that are heated

Tobacco companies have created devices that heat instead of burning tobacco. These are not the same as vaping devices, which heat up the liquid which may contain nicotine. Because they heat, instead of burning tobacco, they’re more likely to create much less poisons than smoking cigarettes. They are advertised as being safer than smoking cigarettes. In comparison to vaping products there is a lack of research into the risks and benefits of a lot of these products that are heated.

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