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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Scrubs

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There’s absolutely no individual “uniform” that instantly lets an observer understand what one does as a living than at least one medical scrubs. Since the 1970’s, healthcare experts have traded within the conventional, brilliant white health-related uniforms for a comfy pair of scrubs. Think it over, when was the more time you watched a nurse using the standard white uniform and accompanying nurse’s cap, as used by Florence Nightingale? Here’s a fast take on the advantages and disadvantages of wearing scrubs.

Comfort: Is there anybody who is going to tell you the primary reason that scrubs are used is they’re comfy? Who does not want to wear pajama like clothing to work? Today’s scrubs are available in an assortment of comfortable fabrics, as well as more effective, they’re also created in each and every style of the rainbow as well as feature stylish designs. Let us face it, the pro side of wearing scrubs certainly outweigh the drawbacks. Allow me to share a few more reasons why healthcare professionals prefer to use scrubs.
Design: Scrubs are designed to offer optimum comfort and maneuverability, allowing others and nursing staff to do their duties with no constraints. Scrubs also are available in sizes and shapes to comfortably fit any body type. Also, colored scrubs ensure it is much easier on the eyes under the bright lights of medical suites and exam rooms.
Identification: Many organizations use totally different color scrubs to determine different departments within the clinic or perhaps facility.
Protection: Scrub producers are ready to produce medical scrubs which guard against different kinds and bacteria of infection. This added protection is advantageous for both staff and patient alike.
Patient comfort: Traditional white uniforms provided an atmosphere of intimidation and would make individuals, particularly kids, uncomfortable. The all white uniforms were additionally notorious for their failure to cover blood or perhaps any other unseemly stains which upset some of those getting care.
Laundry: Scrubs are made with substances which don’t quickly get grime and debris, but whenever they do they’re very easily laundered to sterilize and also remove blood spots, and additional grime acquired throughout a shift.

Cons of Wearing Scrubs

The cons argument about scrubs is much more about hygienic practices than problems with the scrubs themselves. How several of us bring an additional set of clothes to function and change at the conclusion of our shift? If it wasn’t, meaning you’re currently using scrubs and possibly bringing a part of your work home along with you.

A 2012 study published by the Department of Human and Health Services discovered that bacteria, like MRSA, was existing of seven from ten nurse’s scrubs at the conclusion of one change. With infection concerns rising many hospital systems are adopting policies to tackle good handling and also sterilization of worn scrubs. If policies are present, it’s simple enough to follow them. When no policies are in place, the individual good sense of ours and personal hygiene habits must decide when our scrubs happen to be in a problem in which they could be used in public.

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