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The Best Reasons To Get A Maine Coon Cat

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Are you searching for useful reasons to purchase one? Maine Coon cat?

The guide is that is based on personal experiences with a Maine Coon cat, as and what other experts have to say about the reasons why you should get an Maine Coon cat.

Maine Coons are stunning cats with high intelligence levels. They are intelligent and smart. Maine Coon cat is twice bigger than other breeds of cat and is known for its relaxed and friendly. Maine Coon cat breeds are comfortable around children and other pets. They also get along well with other pets, like dogs. They are known to love human companionship and, perhaps more importantly they also love they also love water.

Are you still trying to find reasons to adopt a Maine Coon cat for a pet?

Learn the secret to why that Maine Coon is a favorite cat breed for cat lovers.

A Maine Coon cat is a strong, bone-yawned, and sweet-tempered cat which was initially kept as an outdoor cat. It has a head that is large with a tall ear along with an incline below its eyes.

Furthermore it is noted that the Maine Coon has a broad chest as well as thick legs making it twice as large than other cat breeds. It is a long-haired cat breed native to the US.

What’s special that is unique Maine Coon cats, and do they make the right choice for you?

Here are 20 reasons to consider acquiring the Maine Coon cat:

1. Mysterious Lineage

In contrast to other cat breeds that are popular like the Maine Coon’s origins and its history are still mysterious. There isn’t much information about this particular breed of cat which is only likely to boost cat lovers interested in the breed!

Many people believe that the Maine Coon cat’s origins to be from Maine or perhaps because of the fact that it is named.

Prior to 1861, the public believed that this gorgeous cat breed was mingled together with Norwegian forest cat, also known as Raccoons. But this was a ridiculous theory, and even biologically unattainable.

There is also a notion it is possible that it is possible that Maine Coon cat is a descendant of the European ship cat. But, to date the history of this cat breed was always a subject of stories, legends, and bizarre assertions. Wouldn’t it be sincerely mind-stimulating to be able to keep a secret for your pet?.

2. The largest domesticated Cat around the World

Maine Coons Are a pure cat breed, and one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds in the world!

It is the Maine Coon’s body is medium-sized to large. It has the chest being muscular and broad. It also has a beautifully well-balanced rectangular look.

The extra-large cats weigh anywhere between 9 and 25 pounds and can reach 40 inches long from head to tail.

It is a good thing that Maine Coon cats are very friendly and gentle, that is a significant reason for many people looking for domestic pets. In addition, their unusually huge size makes them the world’s largest domesticated cat breed.

3. Friendly Nature

Cats are known as being self-sufficient and distant with their attention being focused according to their own rules. But this isn’t true for Maine Coon cats though, that are social animals and are commonly referred to as “gentle giants”.

Cat breeds generally be confined and can are aggressive when trying to enforce these boundaries. This is not the case with Maine Coon felines. They are, however, extremely friendly to humans and rarely show unwanted cat traits.

It’s surprising to learn that Maine Coon cats are also very friendly with other pets.

In general, the friendly Maine Coon cat avoids conflict and appears to be the gentler of all the cat breeds.

4. Maine Coon Personality

Despite its enigmatic appearance, an Maine Coon cat is very gentle and sweet-tempered.

A few aspects of Maine Coon traits include:

Loving: The cat loves everybody and pretty much everything.

The gentle: Maine Coon cats appreciate being held and adore acts of love from humans.

Family Friends: They’re very child-friendly.

Good Natured: These big cats are gentle with their nature.

Vitality: Maine Coon cats are very playful, but not terribly destructive.

If these factors alone aren’t enough reason to own an Maine Coon cat, then keep reading and find out more on Maine Coon breeders here.

5. Highly Intelligent

Maine Coon cat breeds are commonly described as ‘dogs of the cat world’ and for good reason.

It is believed that the Maine Coon cat is a higher intelligence cat species which owners can teach to perform basic tricks when asked. They are well-known for playing with balls as well as opening doors and cupboards.

The cats also learn the routines of their owners with low to average levels of effort. They do this by keenly watching everything you do, no matter if it is attention-demanding or not.

Additionally an Maine Coon cat is also exceptionally curious, and especially about its surroundings.

Maine Coons exude the intelligent traits typical in a well-trained dog, which explains why Maine Coon cats get along well with other dogs.

Furthermore, having a capable and well-trained dog can be a fun way to play with and learning how to behave around the house.

6. Vocality

Have you ever had the chance to hear of a Maine Coon talking or singing?

The majority of common cats want to be noticed or request for food through meowing. However, Maine Coon cats are distinct as they produce delightful trills, cheeps, or the sound of chirping.

However, as much as they’re vocal, Maine Coons are not entirely loud.

When your Maine Coon is constantly meowing, chances are they’re trying to communicate something to you.

Their peculiar “singing” sounds of chirping are distinct from the other feline breeds which makes them very unique.

7. Playful Natures

Despite their massive bodies, Maine Coon cats are nevertheless active and fun in the wild. They usually view playing fetch as a great way to bond with their humans.

It is crucial to meet their demands to move and play in order in order to avoid causing damage.

Furthermore, being active is a way for them to stay fit. So, make sure you involve the Maine Coon in a few games, including running after laster pointers or fetch.

It is also crucial to be aware the fact that Maine Coon cats are natural-born hunters. They need mental stimulation where you let them pounce on their toys that are interactive or mice.

Playtime is the main goal in the lives of Maine Coons. You should be prepared for lots of interactions because they love to play.

8. Family and friendliness

One of the biggest advantages of having one of the major benefits of owning a Maine Coon is how well-behaved they are with children. In reality, many cat experts advise they Maine Coon cats thrive well in households with children.

Additionally, Maine Coon cats are considered to be extremely tolerant and easily adapt to children’s needs.

They have a special family bond, and they are loyal to the family and don’t have to be monitored on a regular basis.

A gentle giant who is family-friendly This cat is able to help children develop better social and communication skills. In most cases you can trust your kids and other pets around this Maine Coon cat.

In addition, they are simple to teach in certain family-friendly traits and behaviors.

9. Excellent with Other Cats and Dogs

The Maine Coon is characteristically docile and friendly with all kinds of people, including cats and dogs.

Their sociable nature and relaxed temperament makes them ideal for living in a cat-friendly environment. This is due to the fact that they enjoy the company of other pets.

Maine Coons are less likely to start a catfight. But, in terms of gender, the female tends towards being more cat-friendly and reserved in nature than males, so the female will require more time to warm up to strangers.

In addition, Maine Coon cats are very friendly with dogs. They can be timid at first but generally warm up to a dog living in the same home after a couple of days.

As they aren’t aggressive, these cats are among the most peaceful cat breeds to keep around dogs.

10. Great Pets

Can Maine Coon cats make good pets?

Many cat lovers have a strong preference for this species of cat. The breed has traits and features that are unique to cats, which makes them adorable, and certainly the best pet to have.

Are Maine Coons difficult? Surprisingly, Maine Coons are extremely gentle, unlike normal cats. They are extremely clever, which allows them to determine when and what boundaries not to cross.

Do I want to purchase the Maine Coon? You should consider a Maine Coon if you don’t want the temperamental temperament of the typical feline breeds. They’re not as difficult and overall, are great pets.

11. Independent

Maine Coons don’t mind doing their own things independently however, they tend to spend most of their time with their owners.

However, don’t mistake their independence with the need to be left in peace.

Maine Coons are prone to loneliness if you don’t meet their social needs. So if you work away from home a lot or have a lot of time off, it’s likely that a Maine Coon will not fit in as well.

12. They love water and grooming

Most cats love hygiene and often take the necessary steps to ensure that they are always clean, even if they are near water. While this may be a valid concern but you will notice that the Maine Coon cat has no issue with being wet. They even love having fun with water!

Their love of water could be due to the fact they’ve got semi-waterproof fur.

In addition, the majority of Maine Coons are strong swimmers and won’t be averse to extra time playing while bathing them, unlike their feline companions.

The Maine Coon coat of a cat requires regular attention, which entails regular brushing to keep their fur from getting tangled. Their coats should also be combed for a smooth effect. They are incredibly fond of this process of grooming, especially in the beginning as they grow older.

13. They Rarely Demand Attention

Maine Coons are very quiet at times, except for the chirping sound which they make occasionally. They don’t meow constantly like other breeds of cats do.

Happily, Maine Coons will simply relax next to you, not seeking attention, but rather taking pleasure in your company.

Maine Coon cats aren’t low maintenance and do not always need to be doing things with people who are around them. Instead, they cherish their owner’s peace and happily sit beside them whilst they watch television, not making noises or yelling.

14. Comical

Maine Coons have different facial expressions, which are often comical.

I’m not sure what the reason, but when caught in situations that are suspect they appear more fun than your ordinary cats would!

The majority of facial expressions caused by the way they arrange their facial hair. Depending on the cat facial expressions may vary from humorous to innocent.

The best funny cat compilations on Youtube include Maine Coons that are trained to perform certain tricks.

In all likelihood, you are sure to have a few good laughs just from watching these animals make fun of themselves. They’re perfect pet companions to keep around when you’re feeling emotionally exhausted and need to get your energy back or feel loved.

15. Adorable

Maine Coons are constantly serving beautiful looks and adorable looks, different from the typical cat.

They have really adorable furry feet. With their tufts of foot and hairs, the cat almost appears to be one of the lions. This is the reason that the mane-like tuft on their necks is called a “lion’s horn’.

16. They’re not worried about leashes

Regular breeds of cats hate being tamed for a variety of reasons.

As opposed to the usual felines The Maine Coon can be trained to walk on a leash provided that owners start this training while they are still kittens. Maine Coon is still a kitten. If trained young enough, they will be able to walk on a leash with ease. Maine Coon offers little to any resistance when you walk the dog for a walk.

Additionally, they love exploring the great outdoors together with their owners with a leash, or without. With the right training and patience it is possible to stroll the streets comfortably and with the Maine Coon.

17. They Can Brace Winters With Efficacy

It was the case that in past times, these cat species adapted and developed certain characteristics to assist them with the New England cold, such as:

Tufted Paws: Maine Coons have snowshoe-like paws.
Semi-Water Resistant Fur: This cat sport semi-water-resistant fur. And snowshoe-like paws.
Long Fur: Maine Coons have long coat of fur that covers their body that helps them stay warm in winter.

18. They Love to Cuddle

A major reason why pet owners keep pets is to have one to cuddle with. However, regular feline breeds tend to avoid touching humans in close proximity.

By comparison, many Maine Coon cats love to snuggle their owners.

Their affectionate nature, combined with their massive body size that is not typical of the cat breed which makes this breed an ideal snuggle companion on those cold and lazy days.

Furthermore, Maine Coons are fiercely loyal and always seem to be with you. So, you can expect your efforts to be mutual and reciprocated once in a while.

19. Polydactyl Maine Coons

Historically, some Maine Coons were born with an overtly dominant gene for the extra toe. They were referred to as polydactyl Maine Coons.

The genetic predisposition was deemed not desirable, and it is now almost entirely removed from the Maine Coon cats.

20. Healthy Breed

Maine Coon cats are known for their tough healthy, healthy cat breed.

They don’t require any special attention. However, to ensure that they are healthy and last longer, you’ll need to ensure they are eating a balanced diet.

Additionally to that, Maine Coons are perceived as among the healthiest cat species. This is unlike the usual breeds of cats, which typically inherit health problems.