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The Purpose of Glow Sticks

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You have probably come across glow sticks at some stage of your life. However other people refer to them as chemlights or light sticks. When you bend a glow stick the glass inside breaks and it then begins to shine.

When they start to light and begin to glow, they are likely to be visible in the dark from 1 to 12 hours. The length of time the glow sticks will last depends on the quality and the size of the stick.

Make sure that you remember that once are broken through the glass inside and the light shows up then you cannot turn it off.

You can find glow sticks of all types of shapes and sizes. They are generally less than 10 inches in length, but some you can connect together to create longer ones. They also come in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, yellow and orange. However, it seems both the orange and red don’t light up that well.

Glow sticks are popular among kids and other partygoers, but what other purposes can you use glow sticks for?


If you plan to venture out into the wild, it is important to have safe lighting. For several years it’s been normal for people to carry lighting sticks to light up in a situation.

Unlike other sources of lighting they don’t require batteries to operate. Purchasing a quality glow stick will provide you with 12 hours of illumination without worrying about running out of batteries.

Glow sticks are safe which means you don’t have be concerned about them causing a fire nor will they spark a fire or electrocute someone. They’re even safe for kids playing with.

Because they are small and lightweight, you will effortlessly find enough space to pack.

Even the highest quality glow sticks can be expensive. If you are looking for price, purchasing bulk-buying glow sticks is the best choice.

What situations in the world could a Glow Stick prove useful?

There are many reasons why you should have a glow stick with your survival kit such as:

Aids in reading an topographic map even in darkness.

You can mark a trail and direct people to your camp.

Keeps large groups together In the dark, it can be very hard to organize lots of people therefore a glow stick can prove to be an extremely useful tool.

Following a road crash, you could use a glow stick to mark the spot for a road accident. Glow sticks are an excellent way to alert drivers coming towards you that there’s an accident happening on the roadside. If there is debris on the road or gas leaks, placing the glow stick in the vicinity can alert other motorists.

Don’t fall: If your routine is to camp, you have probably run into a bump at one point. The smallest holes, and other obstacles not visible in the dark could result in injuries. A glow stick nearby will help warn other pedestrians. You can also place glow sticks to indicate the path to be safe.

If it’s pouring rain or you’re in water, don’t fret as glow sticks can withstand water and are perfect for wet conditions.

Glow sticks are employed by militaries across the globe as a survival tool. If you do choose to purchase the glow stick in large quantities and you keep a significant amount in your survival kit, you can easily write SOS using them in case you’re in a dangerous area.
What can you do to dispose of Glow Sticks and are they safe?

One of the drawbacks of making use of glow sticks is the fact that there’s no environmentally safe way that they can be recycled. As each one has chemical compounds the plastic casing, it can’t be reused and neither can it be repurposed.

The reason glow sticks emit light is because there are two primary ingredients that trigger an chemical reaction.

The casing, though, is made of durable plastic, you should be wary of children or pets chewing the plastic. Although the chemicals aren’t that toxic, it is not recommended to inhale them. If a child ingests some of the chemicals, ensure that he or she rinses the mouth as soon as possible. Consult your physician in the event that your child has taken in a lot.


Glow sticks come with the potential to last for around four years, so long as they are kept in its original foil packaging. If the package has been taken away, you can expect it to last for one year. If you’re planning to purchase in bulk, bear this in your thoughts. If you have a vast amount of glow sticks and think they are outdated, you should test one before you throw them all away.

Glow sticks aren’t only a great source of lighting as well as a great way for families to have fun with their children. can enjoy a variety of games and have a fun with these sticks.

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