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Should You Buy The Uwell Caliburn?

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In the past year alone there has been many new pod vapes made available. They’ve all strived to bring the best possible flavor from a pod system. Some are fantastic while others are absolutely terrible.

In all the new pod vapes, one item has always been mentioned as the ‘pod vape to buy’ — that of the Uwell Caliburn. The Caliburn has been around for a while , but it’s always in high demand because of its high quality of construction and the delicious flavor it provides.

The Uwell Caliburn has a 520mAh battery and a capacity of 2ml pod. These pods feature Uwell’s unique Pro-FOCS flavor technology which promises to enhance the flavor and give a better draw.

After so long In the end, is Uwell’s Caliburn still worth getting? Is it better to go with a brand new model? Check out this article to discover!

Box Contents

1 x Uwell Caliburn Pod System
2 Caliburn Pod Cartridges
1 (1) MicroUSB Cable
1 User Manual


110mm x 21mm x 12mm
520mAh Battery
11W Output
Replaceable Pods
2ml Pod Capacity
Press or draw to activate Firing

Design & Build Quality

A major reason why people love the Caliburn most is its appearance. It’s minimalist but looks cool, and it’s nice to use and hold. Sizes for the Caliburn measure in at 110mm x 21mm x 12mm. It’s slim and tall, so being able to hold it from the bottom and vaping with it feels comfortable and natural. It’s easy to put it in your pants pockets or even a shirt pocket and you will not even notice it’s there.

“CALIBURN” appears on the side of the device “UWELL” is printed on the back. Two lines are raised across each ‘corner’ of the Caliburn that run from the top to the bottom. These lines connect with the lines inside the pod, giving the Caliburn an extra modern design. This certainly helps make the Caliburn look better than be if it were just plain.

The Caliburn is made from aluminum alloy and as a result, it’s very light. It’s still quite sturdy and durable though. Because it’s almost entirely smooth, I’ve thrown it from the height of a stand several times over hardwood floors and concrete. Except for minor scratches and dings , it’s functioning and looking great.

The Caliburn is available in six colors. Five of these are solid colors, while one fades from pink to blue. The black paint I used on my review unit has held up well with the exception of a few scratches and dings due to dropping it. It’s not easy to scratch, nor does the paint peel off or rub off easily. However, the bottom parts of my Caliburn contain a bit of paint that has come off after being placed on a variety of surfaces.

You can choose to either press the fire or power button to vape or draw across the mouthpiece. The Caliburn is equipped with button activated and draw activated firing. So you can use whichever you prefer. Fire button well made and takes some pressure to activate. It doesn’t move or shake in any way.

Just beneath the power/fire switch is an indicator light. The indicator lights up in green or blue to indicate the state of the battery. The LED will light up every time you draw or press”play.

On both sides of the device is an opening that is cut out for the ejuice viewing window to the pod. After the pod has been inserted, the window is placed in the cutout and allows you to see the level of your ejuice without having to take it out. The window is transparent making it very practical and easy to see through.

Standard Caliburn pods connect magnetically and then click into the right place. You need to press down firmly to get your pod into place. When the pod clicks into the battery, it’s a flush fitting with no movement or any wiggle. It is also possible to utilize Caliburn Koko pods to connect with the Caliburn however they do not click into the battery like the Caliburn standard pods. Caliburn Koko pods connect only using magnets. It’s still a wiggle free fitting and I’ve noticed that they stay attached as well as regular Caliburn pods.


Caliburn pods will hold up 2ml of juice. Two identical pods come in the box , each with integrated 1.4ohm coils. They can be changed, meaning that you are able to change the coils. When the pods are burned out, you need to replace the whole pod. This is a great option for those who are looking for a basic device that they can use and fill.

You can also utilize Caliburn Koko pods along with the Caliburn. These pods are 1.2ohm and feature the red base (the base of traditional Caliburn pods are black).

Airflow is fed into the pod through tiny airflow holes that are located on side of Caliburn. The airflow is then pushed in through a hole at the bottom of the pod.

The mouthpiece of the pod is sloped in on both sides and is comfortable to use. The mouthpiece in the pod also acts as the fill cap. It is necessary to take the cap off to get access to the fill ports but it’s difficult to get it off. Wiggling to cap sideways can help but it’s usually difficult to remove.

After you have taken the cap off you’ll find three holes. The middle hole is not filled with liquid, so do not add ejuice to it otherwise you’ll overflow the coil! You can fill the pod using one or both of the outer holes. When you fill a hole, the other hole allows air to escape, making filling it much easier.

Even without the release holes for the air you have to take your time filling the pods. Because the coil is in central part of the pod the ejuice doesn’t distribute evenly unless one tilts the pod. By tilting the pod, you’ll cause the ejuice flowing towards the opposite side. If you fill the pod too quickly the ejuice will fill only on the side of hole you’re using and then leave the hole. After you’ve finished filling, the pressure of the mouthpiece/cap fits back on the pod.

Charger and Battery

The Caliburn comes with a battery of 520mAh. Fully charged, the Caliburn can last for quite a while vaping. It’s only 11W, so it only requires a small amount of battery each time you draw. In my experience, I’ve averaged approximately 3 refills per battery.

The LED underneath the power button will show the level of battery charge. There are three colorsavailable:

Green: 100-60%
Blue: 60-30%
Red: Under 30%

It is possible to press the fire button one time to check your battery’s status or when you puff using draw activation , it will illuminate the LED.

It’s quick to charge, even considering that the Caliburn utilizes micro-USB charging. It takes about 45 minutes from a dead to fully charged. It also has pass-thru charging so that it can be smoked while it charges.


The Caliburn is an excellent vape. The included pods as well as the Caliburn Koko pods provide the same draw. It’s it’s a loose, but not airy MTL draw. If you like a tight MTL draw, this may not be the right device for you.

The normal 1.4ohm Caliburn pods deliver a nice throat hit with a 50mg nicotine salt. Its vapor tastes warm but not overly hot, and is very pleasant. The flavor is very pleasant and stands up to all the hype that is out there. The production of vapor is higher than you would expect for an eleven-watt device.

Caliburn Koko pods offer a like experience as normal pods. But since they’re 1.2ohm pods they’re slightly warmer. It’s not as hot, but noticeably warmer than the standard pod. Cloud production and flavor are both excellent and lovely.

For a very warm draw take those Caliburn Koko pods, for simply a warm draw, you can make use of the standard pods.

Vapor production, flavor and warmth begin to decline when the battery is dying. The Caliburn isn’t a constant output device so it’s not surprising that this happens. When the battery reaches red, it’s an even weaker draw. Therefore, I decided to charge it as soon as it got to this level.

None of the pods leak or gave me any issues during my testing. I usually used 50/50nic salts but I did use a 60VG ejuice once. I frequently took long draws and chain vaped and never had a dry hit or even close. Wicking in the pods can be really good and a non-issue.

I’ve used each pod around a week, and through numerous refills every day and they’re still strong. The life of the pod is certainly an advantage in this method.


The Caliburn isn’t without flaws, but there are a few areas that could be improved but it’s generally a good vape. If you’re looking to get a strong MTL draw then you’ll want to think about a different option. However, for a flexible MTL draw, you’ll definitely be happy using the Caliburn.

Vapers who are new to the hobby will appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ease of use, while more experienced users will still be awed by the flavor and battery life long-lasting that the Caliburn provides. For a nic salt vape the Caliburn is one of the top devices available today.

The Caliburn is well made and lasts for quite a while and the flavor is great. I still can highly recommend the Caliburn with the latest alternatives available.