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Reasons To Give Birthday Cards

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Today it’s easy to send a birthday message via Facebook or Whatsapp may appear to be an easier way to send someone special with a card that is physical but when you send the person a message on the internet, you’re not really understanding what the message really is about. It’s true that more of us are becoming reliant on technology throughout our daily lives and rely on it to communicate regularly with other people. It shouldn’t be a reason to send family members or your friends an unpersonal electronic card.

A personalized birthday card is an excellent idea to add to a present (or a solo recognition of the birthday) customized to the recipient, you can also include a handwritten card to wish them a happy day. Personalization is what’s missing from an online message. No matter what your online message is, it simply won’t be as good as what you would have written in a letter.

A physical card shows that you have spent the time and effort required to shop around and buy it for them instead of just sending them a message on a phone – which can appear as if they’d forgotten about their birthday until they were reminded of it on the day.

Even if you are being reminded of their birthday by a Facebook message, take advantage of the competition by gifting them a physical gift card. When you buy a card, it indicates that you’ve thought about the individual you’re buying for, and paying attention to the look of the card and the message inside it. With so many different styles of cards available, there is bound to be one that will suit you to a T.

A sentimental gift in itself, they can be looked over for many long time to be. As if time has no end, you can look at a birthday card from family members who have passed away , or from friends who have passed away from your life. A sweet reminder of each birthday you celebrate to celebrate, it’s regrettable not to be able to repay the gesture when it’s time for that loved one’s special day. We often take loved ones for granted and do not appreciate the many things we’ve got from them that we can remember the occasion by. This is why a birthday card could be useful.

Yes, a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Whatsapp message might remain on your timeline forever, but is it really a sign that you took the time to remember your birthday? Even if it’s an extended message filled with emoji’s it doesn’t measure the happiness the recipient will experience when they open the card you’ve taken the time to send. Arriving on their doorstep prior to or on the day of their birthday, it will surely bring a smile to their faces – something even a message sent online can’t replicate.

Facebook or other online messages can be great for those who you aren’t great friends with, but it shouldn’t be used for those whom you really love. If a loved one’s birthday is near, you should begin to think about buying a birthday card.

The History of Birthday Cards

Greeting cards date back to an earlier time in Chinese and Egyptian time, and were a way of sending the best wishes to people around them. Since greeting cards in China being in the form of handwritten wishes or Egyptian wishes on a papyrus roll before it was time for the custom to spread across nations. It evolved from an New Year’s card , to Valentine’s Day, Easter and birthday, it was the initial way of marking an occasion prior to gifts being given. In the early 15th Century, this new way of celebrating special occasions came over to Europe and quickly evolved into what it is today.

The first birthday card to be handed out is not known. However, it is clear that over time, the tradition has developed to become an important pastime no matter if it’s your loved child’s 1st birthday or 100th birthday. An essential part of many cultures It’s a custom that should not die. It doesn’t matter if posting something on the wall of someone’s Facebook account might seem tempting.

When the first postage stamp was issued in 1840 , thanks to advances in printing, birthday cards began to be sent not only across the United States, but all over the globe.

Why Do We Send Birthday Cards?

Sending a birthday card may also be a way of communication. It’s obvious that as you get older and get older, you’ll not be able to see certain family members as frequently as you did in the past. Everyone goes through changes, whether it’s a case of moving abroad or simply living a short distance away from your home. If you receive a birthday card from a family member is a sign that they are still thinking of your birthday and despite you no longer being 5 no more, you are still a source of a lot to them. Maintaining contact with them is a must and sending them a birthday card is just one of the ways to maintain the relationship you have with them.

They also provide a genuine appearance. Personalised cards are a much better than a simple Facebook post – something anyone could do simply by clicking one button.