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Klik Klak Device Review

Klik Klak disposables are now available on the UK market, with 10 delicious flavours that can be paired magnetically and vaporized together (with more than 55 different flavor combinations)! After thorough testing and testing, we’re here to discuss each flavor in the collection with the top combinations for each flavor!

What is Klik Klak Disposables?

Klik Klak by Element disposable puffs provide an innovative method of vaping at home in UK. Each disposable contains 2ml of E-Liquid. They can deliver as much as 600 puffs. When coupled to another Klik Klak device, they could provide as much as 1200 puffs of flavor!

Each of the 10 flavors offered by the range can be added to an additional Klik Klak to make one of 55 distinctive flavors. After a rigorous test I’m here to review each flavor and share the combination I believe you’ll like the most.

We enjoyed meeting the brains of the people behind Klik Klak disposables during the UK Vaper Expo in Birmingham this month. What a beautiful booth they were able to display! We were gifted a beautiful display box that contained two of each flavor to try and write about for you here. So we want to express our gratitude to our good friends at Element!

We’ll give a more detailed analysis of the device in this post. First, let’s dive into the rating system!

Klik Klak Flavours Reviewed

From the top to the bottom, let’s talk about each flavor in turn and see how it performs when paired with other. I’ve also included my favorite flavors to help you choose the best match!

#1. Blue Sour Raspberry Disposable VAP by Klik Klak

Flavor: Blue Raspberry, Sour

The flavor is sweet and rich, as a berry-like flavor should to be.

The first time I took a puff I was stunned by the richness of the flavor. It’s extremely balanced and well-rounded. I didn’t expect this flavor to be one of my top choices and it certainly does!

The flavour is complex and sweet, akin to the softness of cotton candy however, it has an added hint of something fresh and tangy to spice up the flavor.

It is a great match for the majority of flavors in the collection It’s the only one I did not like were Passion and Watermelon. However, that’s totally subjective.

Combinations that Win:

Peach Ice (4.5 stars)
Ice (4.5 stars)
Aloe Grape (4.5 stars)
Super Sour (4 stars)

#2. The Peach Ice Disposable vape made by Klik Klak

I have a love-hate-love relationship with the peach flavor. Peach is a taste profile that I love however, I’ve had many encounters with bad peach flavor previously.

So, I’m here to say that it’s one of the finest peach flavor I’ve ever tasted. Period.

Smooth sweet, sweet, but never too cloying peach taste is topped with a balanced taste of ice, providing the most authentic taste of peaches, unlike anything I’ve had before.

You can’t really be wrong with this flavor. It’s incredibly good with nearly every flavor (except the ice that creates an unbalancedand overly cold vape). The majority of my favorite blends, in actual fact, contain Peach Ice!

Combinations that Win:

Raspberry Lemonade (5 stars)
Blue Sour Raspberry (4.5 stars)
Passion (4.5 stars)
Aloe Grape (4.5 stars)

#3. 3. Disposable vape made by Klik Klak

Passion Disposable Vape by Klik Klak

I’m not a huge fan of the passion fruit flavors I’ve come to realize. However, this one hits it to the ground–truly. If you’re a lover of flavor combinations that are tropical then you’ll enjoy this disposable by Klik Klak.

It is delicious and authentic right from the package It has a slightly acidic quality that makes it taste fresh. Its flavor is sweet but not excessively sweet and is an exotic accompaniment to many of the flavors within the line.

Actually, I had a hard time coming up with the perfect combinations for this one because it is so good with every single one of the flavours! The only ones I didn’t like included Blue Sour Raspberry and Tropical Fruit (you’d imagine it would be great with tropical fruit, don’t you think? ).

Combinations that Win:

Pineapple (5 stars)
Peach Ice (4.5 stars)
Ice (4.5 stars)
Watermelon (4.5 stars)
Raspberry Lemonade (4 stars)

#4. Raspberry Lemonade Disposable Vape by Klik Klak

Flavor: Raspberry, Lemonade

The flavor is soft delicate, subtle, and not too sweet. This is a common theme throughout this collection, and I believe is deliberate by Element in order to make sure that their items aren’t overly sweet. I’m grateful.

The flavor has a sweet-citrusy lemonade base that is and layered with a rich raspberry note throughout. The raspberry doesn’t have the tangy taste it is in other flavors. Rather it’s a strong, intense flavor that is tempered due to the acidity of lemonade. Overall, it’s an excellent recipe to provide a perfect balance of flavors.

This, along in conjunction with Peach Ice flavor was my most favorite combination of all. Sweet and smooth, it has the appearance of sorbet to it. Overall it’s a great flavor. Raspberry Lemonade flavour pairs beautifully with other flavours and there were just two flavours that I didn’t like (namely, Pineapple and Watermelon).

In other words, this blend went very well with the other products in the line.

Combinations that Win:

Peach Ice (5 stars)
Super Sour (4.5 stars)
Passion (4 stars)

#5. #5. Disposable Smoke by Klik Klak

If you’re looking for pure Ice and only that, you’ve found it. It’s not a flavor with added sweetness, just a refreshing blast of ice that will complement the flavor you love. Klik Klak flavour.

It’s funny, because before I’d had a go with these disposables, thought this would be at the best of the bunch up, however in reality it’s more of a “functional” flavor, serving only to make ice for an already-existing vape.

It’s probably the only e-cigarette that you would not want to vape on your own It’s therefore not right to judge it, but be sure to rate it.

Overall the ice strength is high If you are a fan of the taste of a cold, icy vape you must definitely consider pairing the flavor with another one from the collection. I did notice that with certain pairings, that the ice was too strong, particularly with some of the Tropical Fruit and Raspberry Lemonade flavors.

The thing that really stood out to my taste most was what I liked about the Ice And Blue Sour Raspberry flavour combination. It was the most enticing flavor I could find to pair with that Ice one, closely followed by Passion.

Combinations of Wins:

Blue Sour Raspberry (5 stars)
Passion (4.5 stars)
Watermelon (4 stars)

#6. Pineapple Disposable e-cigarette by Klik Klak

You can either enjoy or detest the sweetness of pineapple flavor. I generally like pineapple when combined with other flavors that is the case with the Klik Klak disposable.

In its own way I found this flavor very sweet and rich although it was a little artificial. The taste became unsettling after a time when I smoked it in a single.

However that when it was paired with other flavors available I discovered some of my very favorite flavors. In essence, this flavor was extremely polarising for me. With certain combination, I was absolutely in love. But with others it was not so.

I believe this blend goes well with other strong flavors from the collection. Passion is one of them. It was what stood out to me as being a five-star pairing. I wouldn’t mix the two together with Super Sour or Watermelon, however, like everything else the taste of a drink is highly subjective.

Combinations that Win:

Passion (5 stars)
Tropic Fruit (4.5 points)
Aloe Grape (4.5 stars)

#7. The Aloe Grape Disposable Vape by Klik Klak

Flavour: Grape, Aloe Vera

This flavor was the one that I was most interested in trying. I am a sucker for a good aloe vera flavored.

There’s a lot of aloe in this flavor in any way. Instead, you’ll get smooth, rich, fruity and not too sweet that is a perfect match along with the other vapes. While I was bummed that there’s no aloe, and although it’s not the most appealing by itself however, I was quite pleasantly surprised by the flavor combinations.

In general, this vape works well with nearly every flavor of the line, making it the most adaptable of the range. Pineapple Super Sour, Pineapple, Peach Ice–you really can’t be wrong with this one. The only flavors I wasn’t a fan of in this flavor included Tropical Fruit and Watermelon, however, even these were not bad experiences.

Overall, I would highly recommend this flavor to those who are fans of the smooth, rich grape-like taste.

Winning Combinations:

Pineapple (4.5 stars)
Blue Sour Raspberry (4.5 stars)
Super Sour (4.5 stars)
Peach Ice (4.5 stars)

#8. Watermelon Disposable Vape from Klik Klak

If you’re looking for an extremely sweet watermelon flavor that’s candy-like then you’re in the right spot. It can be smoked by itself when you have an uncontrollable sweet craving.

This flavor delivers a sweet, caramelized watermelon flavor unlike anything else, with the added tanginess at the end of the inhale that leaves an enjoyable aftertaste. Although it was my personal experience that I found the flavor to be too strong by itself after a few minutes (I’m not exactly a sweet vape lover) I did find that it really worked well with all the others Klik Klak flavours, though it wasn’t all of them, likely because the sweetness by itself.

Particularly particularly, the Watermelon and Passion pairing was truly delicious and the sweetness of the watermelon offset by the tart flavor from the passion fruit. I wouldn’t recommend mixing this flavor with sweeter flavors of the line such as Pineapple and Blue Sour Raspberry, unless you’re looking for your vapes to be sweet.

Combinations that Win:

Passion (4.5 stars)
Ice (4 stars)
Tropical Fruit (4 4 stars)

#9. Tropical Fruit Disposable Vape by Klik Klak

I’m not sure what fruits are supposed to be used in this flavor. However, what I’ve tasted isn’t exactly tropical. However it’s still a good fruity flavor.

The flavor is very fresh and sweet it has a sharp taste and a floral scent. It could be a combination of Guava or lychee, but it’s difficult to determine in this particular one. It is reminiscent of the tropical Skittles, if you ate all the colors simultaneously. However, I believe this could alter the flavor that the vape has.

In the end, it seems this isn’t quite as good as the other flavors. It lacks some of the depth and sophistication of the other flavours.

It does however pair well with a variety of other flavors in the collection. My personal favorite combination was Pineapple that created an extremely sweet, warm and exotic tasting vape. The tartness of the tropical fruits were a great balance to the richness of Pineapple and I’d highly suggest trying both!

Combinations of Wins:

Pineapple (4.5 stars)
Peach Ice (4 stars)
Watermelon (4 stars)

#10. Super Sour Disposable Vape by Klik Klak

The other “functional” vape that comes towards the end of our selection The “sour” flavor provides sweetness and tartness for all Klik Klak flavour. While the Ice flavor isn’t one that you can vape by itself, it is one I can imagine people who love candy enjoying it by itself. It’s sweet, refreshing, and even though the flavor isn’t distinctive but the sour flavor is evident.

It’s unfair to put this last on our list since it’s not the worst flavor. In fact, there were no Klik Klak flavours I’d consider “bad” even the slightest.

But, I did come across few interesting flavour combinations this flavor, but it could, in all likelihood result from the fact that I’m not a vaper of candy. Please take my opinion with caution like always!

Overall, this flavor adds an enjoyable zing to any flavor that you use it in conjunction with. It’s somewhat silly to mix the flavor to Ice (since neither of them have any real flavor) however this flavor pairs particularly well with the more robust berry flavors in the collection that include Raspberry Lemonade or Blue Sour Raspberry.

Combinations that Win:

Raspberry Lemonade (4.5 stars)
Aloe Grape (4.5 stars)
Blue Sour Raspberry (4 stars)

Klik Klak Device Review

The device has a fantastic sensation. The rubberised finish provides an amazing hold to the device and the raised letters give it a great tactile experience overall.

I was intrigued by the degree of magnetic contact between the two devices could be, and I’m pleased to say that it’s robust.

It’s obvious that a hell of a lot of effort was put into the design of these gadgets. Each device is unique in its color-coding system, beginning with the lettering and accents, all the way to the sticker that is placed on the bottom of the device when the device is first opened.

The safety sticker is color-coded to correspond with the flavor.

Yet, the packaging itself leaves a lot to be left to be. It’s a nice feature that you can connect devices using magnets in the packaging (as illustrated) however, there’s lots of plastic in the boxes and the packaging isn’t of the highest quality.

I believe that most of the time, effort was spent on the gadgets themselves, which is of course not always good thing.