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How to smoke a pipe: A beginner’s guide

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Pipe smoking is among the most beautiful method of smoking tobacco. If you’re not able you can smoke your pipe the elegant look disappears. Smoking pipes has become an art that has been lost. Today, most people who smoke are doing it out from a nostalgia. Maybe you have a grandpa who would smoke a pipe at times, perhaps alongside a glass of whiskey, or perhaps you want to imitate a pipe-smoking celebrity. Whatever your reasons you’ll be taking to the long-standing tradition of unwinding a pipe.

How do you smoke a pipe while not appearing like a novice? Similar to most tasks starting with the appropriate equipment.

Everything you require to smoke pipes

There’s not a lot of the equipment required for smoking pipes, however, you’ll require a few important items:

The pipe you prefer

Pipes are available in a variety of styles of styles, from the basic corncob pipe, to basic wooden pipes, to elaborately pipe designs that resemble masterpieces of art. What is the best choice for you will have greater to do with your personal taste than anything else.

Matches made of wood or a pipe lighter

While the conventional Bic works however, it’s not the best device to put a fire into the pipe’s bowl. Pipe lighters made of wood or long pipe lighters can be the most efficient method to finish the job.

Pipe tamper

While not necessary, they are great for packing your bowl. They also improve your overall appearance.

Pipe cleaners

If you’re planning on puffing your pipe in a regular manner the pipe will become clogged.


The best tobacco for you is based on the experience you’ve had with tobacco and personal preferences. If you’re just beginning to learn about taking pipe tobacco to smoke, a moderate blend is the best option to begin to feel comfortable. Talk to your local tobacconist about suggestions.

Now , let’s get to the substance of the issue …

How do you smoke a pipe?

Smoking pipes isn’t an easy process like smoking a smoking cigarette in the break time at work. It’s a slow-paced time that allows yourself the chance to slow down the pace a small amount. For starters, you need to carve your time out for a decent amount of time to sit down and take a break and enjoy a pipe according to the old saying.

When you’ve got enough time and space to play the pipe you want:

1. The bowl should be packed with food.

The bowl should be filled with a small amount of tobacco. Press it down with the tamper. The bowl should now be half full. Add another pinch, and then press it down once more. By this point, the bowl should be approximately two-thirds filled. Then, add one additional pinch of tobacco, leaving a little room at on the sides of the bowl.

2. Test draw

Before you light it your candle, you should give it some quick puffs to ensure that the air is flowing freely. If it isn’t, begin over.

3. The lights are on!

If using matches start a fire and allow it a few seconds to allow the sulfur to burn off, otherwise it will ruin the flavor that the tobacco. Place the match or lighter torch to your bowl with an arc while drawing the flame gently onto the pipe for a long time. Most often, it will light one time in what is called”false light. “false lighting.” Allow this to go out, and then do it again for the “true lighting.”

4. Puff — don’t always inhale, even though

As opposed to smoking a cigarette, smoking a pipe, the majority of people do not inhale the smoke into their lung. Like a cigar, pipe tobacco is very strong, and the entire experience is about the flavor. Take a few puffs of smoke in your mouth.

5. You can keep a tracker.

Do not try to smoke your pipe too quickly as you could get the experience that experienced pipe smokers refer to as “tongue bite” which can cause an irritated, burning sensation on the tongue’s surface. Smoke slowly and take pleasure in. It’s not unusual for pipe smoke to be smoky and need to be lit several times during a single smoking session.

6. Take care to clean up after

When you’re done with your session Be sure to scrape or tap out the bowl. Letting it sit too long could cause it to be difficult to clean it later. If your pipe makes an ear-splitting sound or feeling it is likely that moisture has accumulated within the stem and requires a thorough cleaning. Cleaning is essential in order to ensure that the taste of the tobacco isn’t affected.

In all likelihood you know the best way to use a pipeHave fun!

From this point to get the most enjoyment of your smoking experience is mostly about the company you keep. For some, smoking a pipe is an ideal opportunity to unwind and contemplate your day without distraction. Others, smoking pipe is an enjoyable social event that is designed to be a great conversations.

If you’re a fan of either or prefer, you have an easier and more civilized method to smoke.