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Advantages of biodegradable glitter

Today’s glitter is 100% biodegradable. Glitter can cause lots of harm to the earth however, thankfully, we’ve found a solution biodegradable glitter.

It is important to take care individually of our ecological footprint. One method to achieve this is by taking consciousness on the food we consume.

One of the industries that pollutes the most is Cosmetics. Plastic bottles of all kinds are dumped into the trash every day, and many of the ingredients employed in the cosmetics industry are damaging the environment. An excellent example of this issue is that of the glamour industry.

Today, glitter is focusing on an eco-friendly alternative which can be utilized in place of the typical glitters that are made from contaminant plastics. Click here for glitter in bulk.

Nowadays, there is a growing trend which uses glitters in a variety of cosmetic products, such as eyeshadows, shower gels, body scrubs, hair gels masks, and so on. Though all those applications look beautiful and sparkly unfortunately, most of them use plastic glitter that are harmful to the environment as it is composed of microplastics which cannot be recycled.

The majority of glitters made from plastic go directly into the ocean, and due to their size, they do not filter out. They not only harm waters, but also marine species since plastic glitters do not break down or decay. Fish eat them, and, as a result, we end up eating our own waste whenever we eat seafood.

Other particles of plastic glitter go into the soil, which is very damaging. The plastic glitter can be found in the environment for thousands of years and does not degrade. large proportions of them will eventually end up in the water as well.

Fortunately, in certain countries around the globe, like the UK, and in some important festivals, they have noticed the unnecessary harm that regular glitter can cause to the environment and have imposed a ban on glitters to prevent their negative effects.

The biodegradable, glitters was developed.

As mentioned above the trend to use bio-glitters is growing with each passing season. Because we love glitters and would like to keep using them, a line of biodegradable glitters is being developed.

Of course, the primary advantage of the line of Cosmetic Bio-glitters as compared to standard glitters is, as was mentioned before, their capacity to biodegrade. But there are additional benefits that should be taken into consideration as, for example, the fact the Cosmetic Bio-glitters have a softer texture than glitters. Since they are not made of hard plastics they are more gentle on the skin. As normal glitters, they come in different sizes ranging from 100 microns up to 2.4 millimeters. Additionally, they are available in a variety of color shades (such as silver, green blue, blue, red and so on.) for the best combinations.

The most important aspect to be able to sort out concerning the cosmetic bio-glitters is that they will not begin to break down in your cosmetics. They have to be in the soil or water under certain conditions like humidity or temperature in order to begin the process of biodegradation. However they need the support of microorganisms living in areas like the soil and the ocean in order to start the process of biodegradation. That is the reason why they are regarded as biodegradable.
How do we care for our environment while looking amazing

Based on the above reasons, bio-glitter is an innovative way to take pleasure in all the sparkles , without contaminating. If there is an option to stop the harm conventional glitters cause to the environment, it’s our duty to utilize it. It is crucial to begin with education and responsibility for what we consume, as well as taking considered all the impacts that our products may have on the planet.