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Why Companies Need Personalised Workwear

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You are considering personalised clothing for your business? Perhaps you already have some, but you are wondering whether it’s worth the reinvestment? Well, we surveyed many customers to learn not just why they chose designer workwear but also the benefits it has brought to them. We also included details that comes from surveys conducted from a user standpoint.

1. Creates a Professional , Trustworthy Image:

According to the old saying “Image can be everything”. Wearing a professional outfit can immediately establish a professional trustworthy business image that attracts and helps to retain customers. Our clients said that when they wore their custom-designed clothing, clients were more confident about their clothing than those who wore basic clothing. This was particularly relevant for call-out workers like electricians, plumbers or Builders, etc. who travel to people’s homes.

Mind Game Time: Imagine this scenario. You’re looking for work to be done at home, so you reach out to two companies to provide quotes.

Company one: Their employee turns up wearing a suit that’s covered in work mess. He goes over your home and hands you a quote on a scrap piece paper.

Company Two: Their employee turns into a stylish Polo shirt that has an embroidered logo on the left breast, and brand-named work trousers. On the sleeve on their shirt is the logo of an industry association recognized the registered numbers. They will give you a quote on a printed letterhead, which is accompanied by a matching business card.

Who would you rather trust? I know who I am confiding the job to.

2. Gives a Good First Impression:

A Harvard study discovered that it takes four seconds to form a judgment about another person. The clothes of a company can help ensure that the customer’s first impressions are of an established company. Branded clothing appears professional, and it makes customers feel comfortable knowing that they’re working with a professional company.

3. Offers Free Advertising:

More than 85percent of our customers said the free advertising aspect of corporate clothing was one of their top reasons for purchasing. It’s also a typical idea that while eating out or shopping, several have been asked for some sort of business card after the potential client saw their company logo on the reverse of their clothing.

I’ve personally experienced this in the past. The staff received new uniforms from Print Chimp and the first day I was on lunch break I visited the well-known Mobile Phone shop and happened to talk to a regional manager who noticed our logo. We got an order the following afternoon that paid for our uniforms x8 over.

4. It helps build a team spirit:

Our most loved acronym for teams is “Together Everyone achieves more”. Company clothing can build teams’ spirit and the feeling of everyone working together. This will in turn improve worker productivity.

5. Enhances customer service:

Personalised workwear help customers to identify company workers who are able to be contacted for more information. This results in more efficient service and satisfied customers.

6. Increases Brand Recognition

When employees are wearing uniforms with company logos and colours people are seeing them wherever they go. This makes it easier for people to remember your company when they require assistance. Whatever your business’s size, whether it’s only you or has 50plus employees, we all have a brand if we own a business. Many small-scale enterprises don’t recognize this, however I guarantee you that you must at least do the basics that include keeping your branding colour encoded and consistent. Your clothes, business Cards and Social Medias Web site, etc. must be consistent in appearance to create the impression of familiarity. Humans are complex and we don’t want to be surrounded by strange looking things.

7. Helps employees save money:

More than half of our clients reported that their employees were satisfied with their new uniforms. This not only saves employees money by not having to purchase the clothing themselves, but many employees expressed their gratitude for what felt like a gift by their employer.

8. It’s a way to show your company pride:

If you have a good company and you and your employees enjoy what they do, then company attire can be a great way to show more pride in your company. Employees want to wear this to display who they work for and also let the public know the work they do.

Our experience working with our clients daily that most , if not all eight of the above reasons and the benefits they purchase personalised corporate clothing. It doesn’t even have to be costly.

I hope that this article has been informative and given an idea of the ways that branded clothing can benefit your company.