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What is a mobile whiteboard?

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While there are very few options for dry erase whiteboards, it is possible to get a great mobile whiteboard. Continue reading to discover the numerous benefits mobile whiteboards can offer users.
They are available in a range of material options

Whiteboards are available in many different materials. Mobile whiteboards are no exception. Glass, porcelain/ceramic, and melamine/plastic are the most common materials. Whiteboards made from melamine/plastic are the most economical. Melamine whiteboards wear easily and are great for light usage. Ghosting is another problem that whiteboards made of melamine are known for. Ghosting occurs when markers leave marks on your whiteboard and cannot be easily removed using an eraser.

You should choose a porcelain whiteboard if you require a whiteboard that can withstand heavy use. The board’s surface will not be easily scratched, dented or abused by multiple users. It is durable and easy to clean because it is not porous. A porcelain-based mobile whiteboard is more expensive because of all its benefits.

You should get a glass mobile whiteboard if you want a board with a sleek, modern appearance but all the same benefits as a porcelain whiteboard. Glass whiteboards have a non-porous surface that can be easily smudged.

They are an economical solution

You don’t need a whiteboard in every room because mobile whiteboards can be moved around easily. This allows you to save money for important projects. A wide range of materials are available to help you choose the right whiteboard type for your needs.

These can be used for partitions

A mobile whiteboard can be used to create room dividers in open-plan rooms. Mobile whiteboards can even be adjusted to fit the height requirements of different users.

You should remember that every whiteboard can be customized to your space. Before making a decision on which mobile whiteboard to use, you should consider your budget, objectives and space.