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What Can Be Expected from a Marketing Agency?

Are you thinking of partnering with a specialized marketing agency? Here are a few advantages of partnering with an external company.

It’s a thorny issue how do you increase the size of your internal marketing and communications team, or do you work with a marketing agency that is specialized to accomplish your goals? There are benefits to both sides of the debate.

It usually comes down to every individual business, marketing team and each individual marketing professional who is responsible for the role. As marketing generally becomes more complicated – due to many channels, new technology competition, limitations, and a market that is getting more demanding, marketing professionals are in a position to cut out.

Instead of us telling that you’ll need a marketing agency or more people in your in-house team this is more pertinent if you analysed this for your own circumstance. There are a lot of questions you need you should ask yourself prior to hiring an agency. First, ask yourself…

Are you generating enough leads for your marketing?

Are elements of your marketing strategy not being executed?

Do you have scope to bring on new staff?

If these issues cause you to be concerned, continue reading to learn more about the advantages from working with an expert marketing agency.

What are the benefits of working with a specialist marketing agency?

If your company’s marketing capacity and reach isn’t being utilized Here are a few of benefits that come with working with a specialist marketing agency.

1. Return on investment

The cost of bringing in an internal specialist regardless of the particular market area of expertise is usually expensive. Costs from hiring together with continuing training, equipment and software set up as well as benefits and salary all build up and there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll get immediate results from the hiring, let alone keeping on to the staff member for a long period. Employing employees is expensive and can be significantly more effective and lesser risk when you partner with an agency than establish an in-house team to help with the specific elements of your marketing plan.

In working with an agency numerous operational costs are eliminated which means that in return you’ll get tangible outcomes for the money you invest.

2. Access specialist services

If you work with a specialist marketing agency Brighton, you are accessing an exclusive set of services that are often not accessible from the general communications and marketing teams. It is not common for these teams (large or medium-sized) to hire specialists in branding, events as well as content, digital design, inbound, and media planning, for example. By partnering with an agency, you can access these specific services, means that you are also benefiting from the expertise of other employees at the agency at a cost of one.

When you partner in partnership with an agency it is possible to continue to focus on your areas of expertise, and the agency can focus on those specialist services for your benefit.

3. Experts

The personnel of the agency, providing these professional services, are usually professionals in their fields and have experience and knowledge of marketing strategies that you do not have. Experts in their field will not let you down and are determined to deliver professional work of the highest quality that delivers outcomes to their customers. Experts who stay on top of the latest market trends, which tend to be directly transferred to the client’s work.

You won’t need to worry about the agency’s capabilities, its experts will already be handled.

4. Make time for yourself (and the time of your colleagues)

In the event that your department’s marketing falls into the category of the majority of marketing departments, then you may feel overwhelmed by your current activities and work. If you work with a specialist agency, you can outsource some of your marketing tasks and allow you to concentrate on your main projects and not worry about the management of an in-house team that could be larger. In addition, your marketing strategies will not be affected when an employee is having issues or is on a regular leave since the agency will function independently.

By outsourcing a part in your business’s marketing activities to an agency, you’ll take the pressure off your staff and ensure that the marketing efforts are in line to achieve its goals.

5. Gain a new perspective

As agencies collaborate with several organizations and work on a variety of campaigns, it’s quite likely that the work they do for you is based on years of tried and tested campaigns. They can provide a different perspective to your own. Sometimes, agencies will be present at an organization’s marketing conferences and provide valuable feedback, often offering new ideas and possibilities.

A marketing team that is separate from your in-house team can provide an outside view and a different point of view can generate fresh ideas.

6. Receive additional perks

Agents have access to a large network of partners and suppliers. They also be able to enjoy a variety of benefits such as no-cost placements, quicker support and early access to new products and services from those partners. A reputable agency could provide customers with a range of benefits like these which are not accessible to the general population and most marketing departments in-house. Our clients who plan their media receive free value-added placements from our media partners.

Additionally, there are perks to be anticipated when working in conjunction with and forming relationships with marketing agencies.

In-house vs. agency

The use of specialist marketing agencies poses many benefits, with many of them listed above. Of course, working with an agency for marketing costs money and they will use their own internal processes which will be different from yours.

But generally, if an organisation does possess the money, joining forces with a specialist agency for marketing is generally a good idea. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, review the marketing plan and goals and then conduct your own research about the marketing agency first.

Working with a marketing agency could be a solution to grow your business. It can work as a second arm to your internal marketing and communications team. Speak to us for more information about the possibilities we have for you.