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How To Get A Job As A Legal Secretary

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There are several routes you could take to becoming a Legal secretary. Below we outline the most common routes to becoming a Legal Secretary and how you can start your journey.

It is the best way you can acquire the legal knowledge necessary to become a Legal Secretary. Lawyers and recruiters often check to ensure that applicants have a legal secretary’s qualification on their CVs.

Studying a course is a great way to learn if you don’t have legal experience.

Legal secretarial training courses will help you gain knowledge in different areas of law, to produce legal forms and documentation, and to stand out among the crowd.

Your way up

Support teams for law firms may be large. They can include people who work in various roles and at different ranks. It may be that you want to be a Legal secretary. However, you may find it helpful to try a different position to help you get there. You could work as an Administrator or Secretary within a legal institution.

Legal recruiters may be open to you if your administrative or secretarial skills are good. This will allow you to develop your knowledge of the law and procedure. Although you may initially only be responsible for administrative tasks at first, your knowledge about legal tasks will grow over time and you will eventually be given more responsibility.

If you have the passion and desire to succeed as a legal secretary, your employer might offer to put you on a training class. Your skills will improve and you might be promoted to a better position. You might be able to apply for a job at a company with more experience in the future.

Apprenticeships in Legal Secretary

Some large law firms offer apprenticeships or training for Legal Secretary trainees. As a Legal Secretary, you will work alongside professionals who have the necessary skills to help you acquire them. You can also learn modules about Legal Secretary to make yourself more competent.

Apprenticeships as Legal Secretary are generally at the intermediate level. It takes approximately one year for them to complete. The requirements for applying for apprenticeships are different from one company to the next. However, applicants must have a grade of B or better in English and Maths.

Once your contract is completed, you will receive full training. As a Legal Secretary, you will be able secure a permanent position in the firm. Look at the careers pages for information about apprenticeships.