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How Is The Job Market On The Isle Of Man?

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Salaries are paid in Isle of Man Isle of Man

While many sectors of the internet (such as gaming and finance) haven’t been affected negatively by COVID, there is an overall consensus in all of the UK and Isle of Man to keep costs down where possible.

While other sectors suffer however, online gaming on the Isle of Man appears to keep the island in a stable state The salaries are in good shape. Isle of Man remain generous, with the average monthly wage of PS2,674.37.

What are the biggest sectors in the British Isles?

Banking, finance and iGaming are growing sectors on the Isle of Man and are the top employers as well as the tech and film industries being huge employer on this island.

Impact of COVID on the Isle’s top industries

Technology and iGaming remain robust during COVID, and although certain financial markets have been hit but there’s still a demand for growth – boding well for the Isle of Man.

Trust and fund administration companies are doing excellently and have been completely unaffected by the current situation. But it’s a different case for ‘on the ground’ igaming industries such as casinos and other gaming venues that have suffered a larger impact from the pandemic.

This industry is seeing their retail/land-based businesses suffering and interviewing candidates who have been affected.

Number of active job seekers on the Isle of Man

The unemployment rate on the Isle of Man currently stands at 2.6 percent of the workforce – equating to 1,133 people. This is lower than maximum of the disease in April 2020 where unemployment hit the highest level of 1,347.

An “urgent need” to train a portion part of the Manx workforce indicates many of those in the workforce who are not working in The Isle of Man may have been dismissed from lower-skilled job positions. According to the Manx government has pledged to create 1,000 new opportunities for retraining and job opportunities within the PS100m Economic Recovery Fund. Nearly 700 job openings were notified at the Jobcentre in August, with 60% of these being full-time positions.

What does the job seeking process look like in British Isles?

Interviewees can expect video calls to become the norm for a little longer, as a result of COVID-19. There may however be one face-to-face stage further towards the future, should it be it is possible.

What can we do to rethink the concept of location-based work?

A lot of offices have been shut down since the coronavirus outbreak first hit internationally in March. However, while some sectors (e.g. financial services) are taking the traditional route and trying to return to office work, some especially those in the iGaming and tech industry – have closed their offices and are relocating to remote locations until the last day of the year.

We’re also seeing a big increase in the number of jobs situated, particularly in tech-based firms. We’ve noticed three kinds of remote working that include a total nomad work style, where employees can work from any place and at any hour and flexible office work, permitting employees to work at any office belonging to the business; and working from anywhere, but within similar (or comparable) hours.

How does it compare to other countries around the globe?

The job industry in Isle of Man is still extremely strong It’s something that we’re seeing across other iGaming top players like Malta. But mainland UK is struggling.

Conversely the US iGaming market is also growing exponentially, but candidates have barriers such as US passport / green card conditions.

What does the future look like?

In the Vision2020 plan for economic growth on the island as well as the Isle of Man government laid out a national strategy seeking to increase the number of economically active population. It promoted the island as an Enterprise Island called ‘Tech Isle’ Manufacturing centre with excellence an ‘Offshore energy hub’, ‘Destination Island and for “Distinctive local food and drinks’.

The government also has published its national economic strategies for various emerging industries: biomed, aerospace digital media, ICT, and biomed.

It’s not clear at this stage how much COVID-19 has affected this initiative. A PS100m fund has been set aside to help the Isle of Man economy bounce back from the impact of the crisis triggered by Covid-19, which was accompanied by Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan saying the pandemic had posed an “immediate credible, serious and immediate threat” for the island’s economy.

But it is true that the Isle of Man still appears to be playing catch-up in the future-proofing of industries like technology, finance and gaming.


In the end, it appears that it appears that the Isle of Man have followed similar patterns to other countries around the world: industry sectors which had to close during the outbreak have suffered the greatest impact, while the ones which could remain open have seen little to none negative effects from COVID , with some even experiencing growth.

In light of the amount of industries that are online on the island, however the economies of the British Isles seem much more stable than those of mainland UK, and overall salaries remain significantly higher.

Jobseekers looking to relocate or work in Manx or the Isle of Man have a number of options However, they might not have the same leverage regarding salary levels as they did prior to COVID due to the intense demand for available jobs at present.

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